Anglican Church Of Nigeria Weekly Sunday School/ Bible Studies Manual For October 20, 2019 : TOPIC – Christian Discipleship: Essence and Effects.

By | October 20, 2019

Anglican Church Of Nigeria Weekly Sunday School/ Bible Studies Manual For October 20, 2019 : TOPIC – Christian Discipleship: Essence and Effects.

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STUDY 3/30 October 20 Trinity 18


Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study

TOPIC – Christian Discipleship: Essence and Effects.

MEMORY VERSE : Acts 2:47

TEXT : Acts 2:41-47 .


i. to findout what marks out Christian Discipleship ;

ii. to appreciate the impact of Christian Discipleship in the life of the Church ;

iii. to see the consequences of failing to carry out Christian Discipleship .

INTRODUCTION: The word ‘Christian’ in ‘Christian Discipleship’ suggests that

other forms of discipleship exist. It demands that we examine whether the

current discipleship schemes/efforts in Churches meet with Biblical standards.

Some have been engaged in Christian Discipleship but there remains the

question about the quality and depth of commitment of such efforts needed to

biblical stipulations. The key statement of today’s study is that Christian

discipleship should be done well, longitudinally, painstakingly and with

enviable thoroughness. In one word, Christian discipleship should be done

really biblically.


1. Discuss briefly what constitutes the essence of Christian Discipleship .

a. It gives birth to new Christian J( ohn 3:3 );

b. It Produces those who demonstrate obedience to the revealed truth of

Christ ( John 8:31 );

c. It Produces those who epitomize the love of Christ, especially for fellow

disciples ( John 13:35 );

d. It Produces passionate proclaimers of the word of God ( Mk.16:20; 1

Cor.9:16 );

e. It Produces those who live to please God E( ph.5:1-2; 2 Tim.2:4 );

f. It Produces genuine participants in the fellowship and communion of the

saints ( Acts 2:42 );

g. It Produces Christians who desires to be like-Christ 1( Cor.11:1 );

h. It produces those who live in the will of God, that is, in sanctification and

honour ( 1 Thess.4:3-4 ).

2. Discuss the benefits to God’s Church when discipleship efforts discussed

above are applied in God’s Church today.

3. What are some consequences of the Church’s failure to do discipleship ?

a. the Church will be filled with people who lack depth in faith ( Luke 8:13;

Col.2:6-7 )

b. there will be a shortage of faithful leaders and disciple makers ( Luke

10:2; Heb.5:12 )

c. there will be so many “half baked” Christians in the Church H (os. 7:8 )

Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study

d. the Church will find it difficult to develop to her fullest potential ( Acts

2:41-47 )

e. The Devil and his agents will gain much ground in the Church .

CONCLUSION : If the Church today does Christian Discipleship with

conscientiousness, we will secure the future of the Church. If the Church fails

to do it, she will give more ground to the devil. God’s Church should be

committed to and do Christian discipleship.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT : The Church failure in discipleship promotes Satan’s

success in his own discipleship efforts.

MEMORY VERSE : Acts 2:47

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