Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For December 1, 2019 : Christian Discipleship: Resources Required.

By | November 30, 2019

Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For December 1, 2019 : Christian Discipleship: Resources Required.

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STUDY 3/36 December 1 Advent Sunday

Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study


TOPIC : Christian Discipleship: Resources Required.

MEMORY VERSEs: Matthew 9:37-38

TEXT : Matt.9:37-38


i. to identify the resources required to carry out Christian Discipleship ;

ii. to realize how these resources can be procured and or developed ;

iii. to appropriately utilize the requisite resources;

iv. to discover the possible reasons for shortage of resources .


Like every human endeavour, Christian Discipleship needs adequate

man-power for effectiveness. Unfortunately, the observation made by our Lord

in Matt.9:37 still holds true today. We will also see in this study the state of

other resources needed for Kingdom assignment. It is unfortunate that the

resources available for the work in God’s Church have not been optimally

utilized. The study will focus on addressing this and other nagging issue s.


1. Identify and discuss the resources for true discipleship programme needed

as listed below:

i) Material resources: The Holy Scriptures ( Matt.28:20; 2

Tim.3:16-17 ); prepared manuals; and other Christian literature, CDs


ii) Human resources: People ( 2 Tim.2:2 ); Friendship and relationship

( Mark 3:14 ); Training ( Prov.22:6 ); Structural requirement

(servant-leadership and an enabling structure).

iii) Spiritual resources: Faith – inspires courage and creativity

( Rom.1:17 ); Grace – instill God’s ability where human strength and

skill fail – 2 Peter 3:18a .

2. Explain how these resources can be acquired and utilized. See also

Col.3:16; 1 Pe.2:2; Heb.10:25 .

3. Why do you think there is shortage of manpower to carry out effective

discipleship in Churches today? Discuss.

4. How may this shortage be effectively tackled: Matt.9:37-38; 28:19-20;

John 7:37; Acts 6:2 .

CONCLUSION : When churches muster the courage to make discipleship a

priority, they will discover that God has already provided all the resources

needed for good success. Until then, the efforts by the few interested

discipleship in the Church will continue to decline. Let’s set our hearts on

making this task more serious and urgent than ever .

Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study

FOOD FOR THOUGHT : When we consider resources too costly to provide, we

invariably mortgaged the future of God’s Church .

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