Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For November 17, 2019 :  Priority of Christian Discipleship .

By | November 17, 2019

Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For November 17, 2019 :  Priority of Christian Discipleship .

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Study 3/34 November 17 2 nd Sunday before Advent


TOPIC : Priority of Christian Discipleship .

MEMORY VERSE : Matthew 28:19-20 .

TEXTS : Matt.28:19-20 .

AIMS : To:

i. know that Christian Discipleship is the foremost task for God’s Church ;

ii. appreciate Christian Discipleship as the core of the Great commission ;

iii. see the benefits &significance of this priority.


The Church today appears very busy for the Lord! We are mainly engrossed in

activities that take so much of our time and budget, but to the detriment of the

Church’s main thrust, namely discipleship. In this study, we will try and find

out what we are so grossly engaged in as against our main assignment and

how much these have harmed the Church and God’s purpose .

Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study


1. What is your concept of ‘Priority of Christian Discipleship’?

2. Looking at the key text, Matthew 28:19-20 , what do you see as the main

task for God’s Church in the ‘Great Commission’?

3. a. Identify and discuss the priority (main thrust) of the early Church from

Acts 2:42; 5:20, 25; 6:2, 4; 20:20, 27; 2 Tim.4: 2.

b. Why should churches have Christian Discipleship as their priority? Col.

1:23; 2:6-7; 3:1-4 .

4. What is the danger of abandoning what God has said should be our priority

for the less important? 1 Kings 20:39-40; Matt.24:48-51; John 21:2-3; 2

Cor. 5:10 .

5. What are the probable benefits of making Christian discipleship our priority

in ministry?

CONCLUSION : The main task or priority for God’s Church remains making

disciples of all nations. The Church desists from doing other things right away.

The time for the Church to render an account of her stewardship is not far

away. Failure in discipleship has been the bane of the ministry in Christendom

today. The Church needs a positive change.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT : To neglect the priority of God for the less important is to

invite God’s displeasure.

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