Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For November 24, 2019 : Commitment to Godly Leadership Required.

By | November 23, 2019

Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For November 24, 2019 : Commitment to Godly Leadership Required.

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Study 3/35 November 24 Sunday before Advent


TOPIC : Commitment to Godly Leadership Required.

MEMORY VERSE : 2 Timothy 1:5 .

TEXT : Psalm 1; 2 Tim.1:4-5 .

AIMS : To:

i. understand the meaning of ‘Commitment to godly leadership’ especially in

light of this sub-theme;

ii. highlight the necessity for godly leadership in Christian discipleship ;

iii. recognize the evidence of commitment to godly leadership ;

iv. grasp and cope with the challenges of commitment to godly leadership .

Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study


We have examined the meaning of ‘godly leadership’ in some previous studies.

Some people have hazy ideas about godly leadership; some have clear and

correct concepts of godly leadership but only a few are really committed to it.

This study is therefore, directed at commitment to godly leadership. As you go

into it, pick out and deal with the probable challenges to full commitment to

godly leadership.


1. How do you understand ‘Commitment to godly leadership’ in the light of the


2. Point out the necessity for godly leadership from 2 Kings 12:1-2;

Jer.35:1-10; 2 Tim.1:4-5 .

3. Read Matt.7:16-20; 12:33, 35 and discuss how we can know that a

person/leader committed to godly leadership in

a. Personal godly practice in leadership;

b. Promoting (e.g. encouraging) godly leadership;

c. Raising godly leaders.

4. From John 1:5; 3:19 , identify the forces and factors or situations that

militate against godly leadership? (consider the under-listed in your


a. public opinion-mindedness;

b. strong opposition and blackmail;

c. ungodly superior leadership;

d. highly ungodly polity/society;

e. ignorance, etc.

5. How can we encourage commitment to godly leadership thru :

a. Prayer;

b. persuasion/discussion;

c. prevailing on such people, etc.

CONCLUSION: Leadership has always been very vital for the success in any

human endeavour including Christian-discipleship. When Christian

discipleship fails to promote godly leadership, then the Church gives occasion

to darkness to rule. There is need for God’s Church to tactically tackle the

ungodly leadership in her.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT : Ungodly leadership will hardly produce godly people .

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