Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For December 15, 2019 : Topic –  Christ’s Example of Discipleship.

By | December 13, 2019

Anglican Church Sunday School Manual For December 15, 2019 : Topic –  Christ’s Example of Discipleship.

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STUDY 3/38 December 15 Advent 3


TOPIC : Christ’s Example of Discipleship.

TEXT : Luke 6:12-16; Mark 3:14 .

MEMORY VERSE : Luke 6:17 .


i. identify Jesus’ regular ministry audience;

ii. recognize how Christ modeled discipleship;

iii. appreciate the means and methods for discipleship Jesus used for the great

success He had.


Jesus knew that He had only a few short years to spend on earth. He also knew

His ministry was to the whole world ( John 3:16 ) that should endure till His

Second Coming. He consequently adopted a strategy that has successfully

upheld His ministry till date. He preached to crowds and met their needs. He

groomed a few disciples to whom He committed the Ministry of Reconciliation.

To the crowds He spoke in parables ( Matt. 13:11 ); while He reserved for His

disciples explanation in private. His main means for discipleship was teaching

and action ( Acts 1:1 ). These and others are the focus of this study.


1. Jesus ministered to the saved and unsaved.

Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study

a. Identify and list the different groups of persons Jesus ministered to.

Luke 13:10; 6:12-17 .

b. What makes Jesus’ ministry to these two sets of persons different? Cf.

Luke 8:9-10; Matt. 11:25; Mark 4:11 .

c. What can we learn from that?

2. How did Jesus do discipleship? Discuss with respect to

a. The Seventy – Luke 10:1

b. The Twelve – Matt.10:1; Mark 3:14 .

c. The three – Mark 9:2 .

d. Some individuals

3. a. What can the Church today learn from Jesus’ model for discipleship ?

b. What was His main means/method for discipleship? Acts 1:1; Matt. 10:1;

Mark 3:14 .

4. Discuss the outcome of the above discipleship efforts? Luke 6:17; 10:17;

John 12:42 .

5. Why should we follow Jesus’ example for discipleship? John 13:15-17;

12:26; Luke 6:40; 1 Peter 2:21 .

CONCLUSION : Christ’s model for discipleship is tested, flawless and effective.

If we do like He did, we should flourish, just as the early Church did and

experienced wholesome development. But would we?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT : Growth without discipleship cannot be Christ-like and


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