January 8, 2020 DCLM Daily Manna Devotional :- EXODUS 5:1-14

By | January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020 DCLM Daily Manna Devotional :- EXODUS 5:1-14

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KEY VERSE: “And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness” (Exodus 5:1)

Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence that chronicled the beginning of America’s struggle for freedom from the British colonists. Their conviction resulted in untold sufferings for themselves and their families. Of the fifty-six, five were captured by the British and tortured before they died. Twelve had their home ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the fifty-six fought and died from wounds or hardships of the war.

In today’s passage, Moses and Aaron went to confront Pharaoh according to God’s demand to free the Hebrew people from their Egyptian bondage to serve the Lord in the wilderness. Expectedly, Pharaoh resisted the call, accusing the Hebrew man of idleness. He took steps to undercut the influence and leadership of Moses by inciting the Hebrews against him through worsening their conditions of service and thereby adding to their agony and suffering.

Though God sent Moses with supernatural powers to free Israel from her Egyptian bondage, the people still had to learn to endure some pain and make personal sacrifice for their freedom. The fear of rising up to demand their freedom contributed to their remaining in captivity for about four hundred and fifty years. Freedom is not given on a platter of gold. It is a result of struggle and warfare. The Hebrews cooperated with Moses and held fast until their deliverance was secured.

Every man wants to live in freedom and liberty. Very often, we are required to pass through some pains and endure certain oppositions before our freedom is won. The price for our redemption did not come easy. Jesus had to suffer the vicarious death on the cross at Calvary which purchased remission from sin for us.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: freedom does not come cheap.


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