May 3, 2020 Higher Everyday Devotional :- REBUILDING THE REJECTED

By | May 3, 2020

May 3, 2020 Higher Everyday Devotional :- REBUILDING THE REJECTED

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SUNDAY MAY 3, 2020



MEMORY VERSE: “For if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor” (GALATIANS 2:18).

Saul was once an injurious and dreaded fellow. He obtained letters for the arrest of Christians and went after them. This act had a devastating effect on the church. In his unguided zeal, he continued with his arrest mission to Damascus where the unexpected happened! Jesus met him on the way, and trembling, he surrendered his life to Christ. He became Paul, the great Apostle, who doggedly took the gospel to the Gentile nations in the face of fierce persecutions.

It was this same Paul who wrote of the danger of backsliding in our text. He referred to it as rebuilding that which he once destroyed or rejected. Backsliding involves turning away from the Lord and getting entangled again in sin or the pollution of the world (2 Peter 2:20). A believer who goes back to lying, keeping malice, stealing, drinking, smoking, having interest in worldly music and movies, is rebuilding the things he once rejected. Do you feel ashamed of your Christian identity? If yes, then, there is an urgent need to return to Jesus. He is always ready to receive you.

QUOTE: Backsliding is getting entangled again in sin.

CHALLENGE: Never go back to the sins you left behind.

PRAYER: Help me Lord to remain steadfast in You.

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