CAC Sunday School Lesson July – December 2020 ( Sunday School Examination January 10, 2021.)

By | December 27, 2020

CAC Sunday School Lesson July – December 2020 ( Sunday School Examination January 10, 2021.)

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Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide

Sunday School Lesson
July – December 2020
Sunday School Examination
January 10, 2021.
The examination is divided into three parts. Read each part very carefully before you give appropriate answers.
Part A.
Read very carefully before you select the best answer in the part.
1. God is not divided against Himself, ________ which is the believers, must not be divided. (a) The ministers of God (b) The workers in the vineyard (c) The body of Christ (d) The entire world.
2. What is the meaning of Trinity? (a) Jesus the Saviour (b) The church of God (c) Father, Son and Holy Spirit (d) I am coming again.
3. According to Deut. 6:4 “Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God is ______! (a) Powerful (b) Saviour (c) One (d) Peace.
4. What is the topic of lesson Two? (a) Unity of Trinity (b) Unity of Adam and Eve (c) Unity of Man (d) Unity of Creation
5. How do we conform to the image of God? (a) Physically (b) Through our Fellowship (c) By working for God (d) Spiritually
6. And Adam said: “This is now bone and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of Man”. Where can we find this in the Scripture? (a) Exodus 2:23 (b) Exodus 2:25 (c) Gen. 2:23 (d) Deut. 2:23.
7. The Topic for Lesson four is _______ (a) The Unity of Israelites (b) Adam & Eve sin (c) Unity at Babel (d) Unity of Trinity
8. They planned to build a Tower of Babel so that they can make ______ (a) Name and family (b) name for themselves and stay together (c) name and fight God (d) money and spend it.
9. According to lesson Eight disunity has capacity to tear apart ______ (a) any organization (b) building (c) Heaven (d) None of the above.
10.According to lesson Eleven, Memory Scripture: “The ants are a people not strong, Yet they prepare their food in the Summer”. Where can we find it in the Scripture? (a) Proverb 30:25 (b) Proverb 1:7 (b) Proverb 14:1 (d) Proverb 22:6.
Part B.
Select True or False.
1. For there is only one God in Heaven that bear witness; The Word, and the Holy Spirit; only assist Him. True / false.
2. And they were both naked, the man and his wife and were very ashamed Gen. 2:25. True / false
3. God want the church to be united no matter the situation True / False
4. You don’t need to wait on God to put you in a position as long as you have the ability to lead. True / False
5. Fighting, keeping malice, strife, gossiping etc does not mean you are not unity in the church or organization. True / False.
Question 1 is compulsory and select another 1 from the two questions provided below.
1a. Why did Jesus pray that God should make His disciples one? Give at least 5points.
1b. Disunity is the tool the devil uses to break the church. What did you understand by disunity, give the example you have witnessed and how can we overcome it in our church and environment.
2. Explain the roles played by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit prepared for us.
3. What is the difference between the creation of man and the rest creatures?
Jolayemi Daniel O.

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