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Who Am I? (Part 2) By Pastor D.K. Olukoya

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Anchored Scriptures: Psalm 25:14, Job 29:4, Jeremiah 1:4, Luke 1:13-17

Last week, we began to look at a destiny topic, a deep topic. I’m happy that many people prayed the prayers that we were suppose to pray.

But we have by no means come to the end of the matter, so you will do well to listen to me again very carefully this morning. If you do not like to listen to sermons, there is a reason the Lord kept emphasizing this.

In Psalm 25:14 – “The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.”

Life is a mystery. When we say mystery:

  • A mystery is a coded information,
  • An undisclosed information,
  • An unrevealed information,
  • A cryptic information’,
  • A deep matter, a deep secret
  • Something that goes beyond normal human understanding
  • A mystery is an undisclosed thing that is hidden.

Life itself is a mystery. Life has problems, life has secrets.

There are hidden dimensions of yourself that you may not be aware about. There is a hidden part of your life, that even at your present age; you have not been able to unlock, because every human life is involved in a deep mystery. There is a personal mystery you need to know so you can unlock your destiny. And in order to reach your maximum goal in life, you need to unlock this your personal mystery.

The principle of scripture is very simple: ‘ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find; knock and the door shall be opened’. When you don’t ask, you will not see anything.

God reveals secret to His people. Going through life without your personal mystery or unlocking who you are; will make your life to be without impact.

Going through life without knowing about that deep secret about yourself, that is what makes servant to take hold of a person’s horses; it is ridding it while the person is trekking.
It is not knowing the secret that makes you to choose a pattern that your life should not follow, you will start passing examinations nobody ask you to take. It makes a man to fish and catch nothing in the ocean of life. It makes you a material for testing new weapons by the enemy.

Then most importantly, it could make you to die before your time. It could also make you a permanent slave.

When you see people who are slaves to prophets, slaves to pastors, slaves to herbalists, slaves to witch doctors; it may be there is a secret about their lives that they don’t know.

Look at it now, by design, some people are not suppose to put one drop of alcohol in their mouth till they die. There are some women, they are not suppose to be disvirgined before they get marry. It is because they don’t know these personal secrets about their lives. By breaking the rule, prayer now becomes very difficult.

For example, the angel told the parents of Samson that they are going to have a child. The angel warned them not to drink any alcohol. He already gave them instructions. Those are the mysteries we are talking about. If those parent broke that law, they would have destroyed the destiny of Samson. Then if Samson also decide to start taking alcohol, it would have been a problem. These are the mysteries we are talking about, and this is why we still need to seriously pray.

The wisdom of God is hidden, therefore you must ask God to grant you access. (Job 29:4 – “As I was in the days of my youth, when the secret of God was upon my tabernacle;”)

There are many who need to need to cry out in desperate prayers:

  1. Father, show me my personal mystery,
  2. Father, show my house to my house,
  3. Father, show me myself,
  4. Father, show me the secrets of my life,
  5. Father, show me beneficial secrets that will catapult my destiny,

You need access, that secret has to be in your tabernacle. You need access to the mystery of the world, access to the mystery of the kingdom, access to the mystery of your life. Business has secrets, marriage has secrets, every profession has secrets.

There is an information you need from God. When a man taps into that information, his destiny explodes. There is no reason for anyone to be poor, you can tap into that mystery.

You may be trading now, but when you pray to know the secret, the Lord will say ‘daughter, this is not your business to make profit; start selling groundnut’. ‘Selling groundnut, no; I am already an estate agent’. ‘No, start selling groundnut’. Those are the kind of things I’m telling you now.

You see, immediately you get that code from heaven; and you engage it, you will be surprised yourself of the kind of breakthrough that you will have.

That is why I want you to raise up your right hand, and with a voice that roars like thunder:

O God arise, show me the secrets of my life, by the power in the blood of Jesus!

When you tap into the information from heaven, your destiny explodes.

The story of a vice principal, shared by Daddy G.O:

It was like that woman, who went to God and prayed some prayers like this. She was the vice principal of a school, but her poverty was so embarrassing that before the end of the month; vice principal is borrowing from school teachers. It got to a level she was tired of this circumstance.

She prayed, and the Lord said ‘daughter, what is this at the back of your house’?

She said ‘Lord, it is marshy ground’. The Lord said ‘daughter, resign; and begin to plant and sell vegetables’. She said ‘vegetables? I bind that voice’.

The Lord said ‘you can’t bind me, you want to die in poverty; start planting vegetables’. She said ‘this can’t be true, I have a master’s degree’. Well, she listened and converted the back of that building into a vegetable farm.

Beloved, when she started, it got to an embarrassing level that many people who went to the market wait for her to bring her own vegetable. They were not interested in others, no no no; only Mummy Sunday’s vegetables! It is after she finished selling, then others now begin to sell. The day she didn’t come to market, other vegetable sellers are very happy.

==> I am praying for somebody here, that the secret that will catapult your destiny; receive that revelation in the name of Jesus!

This information set the pace for your distinction. What I’m telling you now, many pastors may not tell you. If you are always struggling in your career, struggling in your business, struggling in your finance, in your family, struggling in your academics; then something has not been revealed to you.

Running all over the place, trying to catch husband; sleeping with women around; there is something you don’t know.

God’s hidden wisdom is the answer to every problem. Once you make contact with that heavenly wisdom, you become an extra ordinary person.

What am I saying? Success has secrets, business has secrets, marriage has secrets. The secret you need to know is with God, but it is not known to all. Only scanty amount of people, have discovered those hidden beneficial secrets.

This kind of information, is something the devil doesn’t want anybody to know. That’s why the words of Jesus becomes very popular, he said ‘this kind goeth not forward, apart from fasting and prayer’.

There are certain information you can’t get unless you fast and pray. There is a demon that cannot shift until you apply fasting and praying.

There are some things that need one hour of continuous unbreakable prayers before they can shift. Some two hours, three hours, seven hours, seven days; before you can shift it. Ice cream prayers cannot shift it, microwaved prayers will not shift it. You need solid, concentrated, acidic, constant, bombarding and rugged prayers.

If you look back at your family and there is practically nobody you know in your family that is financially sufficient, since you know all of them; and you find yourself toying the same line, there is a secret you need to know.
In a family, they may actually have a hidden wealth that you don’t know yet.

There are some families, in the book of heaven, they structure that all the members of this family; the only thing they can do to prosper is to be selling salt. But all of them are doctors, nobody is breaking through at all, thereby becoming poor.

The story of a brother, shared by Daddy G.O:

That explains when a brother came to cry to me years ago. He said ‘daddy, there are seven of us in the family, six of us are born again but one is a native doctor’. But that one that is a native doctor, why is it that he is the only one who has money; while the believers are poor? I said ‘okay, is the man a full time native doctor’? He said ‘no, he also sells palm oil’. He has demonically enquired to know the success of business of the family, but the believers who are suppose to have the secrets; they don’t know, and they are doing what they should not do.

No wonder the Bible says ‘the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light’. This is a serious matter!

The story of a lady, shared by Daddy G.O:

A lady prayed this prayer. No progress, nothing was working for her. She prayed this prayer for three days without food nor water.

She saw some white men, almost ten of them in number; they were dressing in black clothes. She did not understand and she was so confused but she continued the prayers.

One night again, when the prayer got to a correct level; an angel stood beside this lady and said ‘my daughter, well-done’. ‘Do you see those white men dressed in a black attires, your grandfather created strong troubles between these two white families and that mistakes that your grandfather made, caused the two white families to fight and kill themselves. This is why your life has been like this. This is why you need to pray atonement prayer to free yourself from this captivity.

How would she had known this if she was just praying normal prayers.

The story of a boy whose father was his grandfather, shared by Daddy G.O:

That boy prayed. He didn’t know why things were not working. After few days of prayer and fasting, he heard a strange voice: ‘son, your father is your grandfather’. He now began ask questions, until he was told a deep family secret. The father of his father slept with the wife of his son and she gave birth to him, and so his life was upside down. The family knew the secret but they kept quiet, but it was affecting his life.

==> I’m praying for somebody here this morning, that all the secret you need to know to move you to the next level; receive that secret in the name of Jesus!

In Jeremiah 1:4 “Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,”

If after Jeremiah was born, and he began to farm; he will fail. If he doesn’t know how to pray and unlock his mystery; he will crawl unknown to an unknown grave. But he may be lucky one day, a man will say ‘Mr. man, God said you’re a prophet; don’t do this thing you are doing again, as it won’t work’.

So, the secret of the life of Jeremiah is that he has been ordained by the Bible college of heaven, in the womb as a prophet.

In Luke 1:13-17, I’m reading another example so that you will know how to pray when the time comes and you will know how to continue the prayers tonight after quenching the rage.

That was the mystery of John the Baptist. If after he was born, he was doing something else against what they have said about him; he will be a big failure.

That’s why in the scripture we read last week, when they went to John the Baptist and asked ‘who are you’? Are you Elijah? No. Are you that prophet? No. Then, who are you? He said ‘I’m the voice, crying in the wilderness; make straight the way of the Lord’.

  • Many are born great, but they die unknown.
  • Many are born warriors, but they die as slaves.
  • Many are born as millionaires, but they die as paupers.
  • Many are born heads, they die as tails.
  • Many are born as world changers, they died in frustration.
  • Many are born as runners, they die as crawlers.
  • Many are born as eagles, but they die as chickens.
  • Many are born as champions, but they die as losers.

God knew Jeremiah when he was in his mother’s belly, God sanctioned him and ordained him a prophet. If by any abortion, that boy was killed, then it would not have been Jeremiah alone that was killed. Jeremiah’s mother would not have known, but God knows, his mother would not have known that he was a potentially mighty prophet that was aborted but he was in God’s agenda and God would have felt the loss. Heaven would have felt the loss and deal with that person, not demons; heaven, for wasting the heavenly resources.


Do you see why some people have troubles and the deliverance ground is not able to help? But what is responsible for these problems are not demons, but you were suppose to go to the east, but you’re traveling the west.

So God knew you before you were formed and He has a plan for your life. So there is a secret you need to know.

We need to stop here today, and we will continue next Sunday
Rise to your feet now, and all eyes closed.

Prayer Rain:

[Before Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:]

  1. Powers that hates my progress, be disappointed in the name of Jesus!

During Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

  1. O God arise, show me the secret of my life, by the power in the blood of Jesus

[After Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:]

Time to pray. These three prayers I want you to pray now, they are called ‘veil removing prayers. The enemy has put veil on the face of so many people, because he doesn’t want you to know who you really are. And even if you know who you are, he doesn’t even want you to know your beneficial secrets. Please, pray these prayers without any apologies.

Can you shout this loud and clear, shout it at the top of your voice, shout it the way you have never shouted any prayer, shout it the way blind Bartimeous shouted:

  1. O God arise, open my eyes; in the name of Jesus!
  2. Holy Ghost, decode my life (decode me so I will understand who I am) in the name of Jesus!
  3. O God of ‘turn around’, turn my life around in the name of Jesus!
  4. Every agenda of the enemy, to confuse my life; scatter by fire in the name of Jesus!

With a voice that roars like thunder:

  1. O God arise, show me the secrets of my life in the name of Jesus!
  2. Information from heaven that will catapult my life to the next level, locate me now in the name of Jesus!
  3. Thou power of this pandemic, release our nation in the name of Jesus!

God bless you in Jesus name.

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