March 26, 2021 New Generation Grace Ministry Devotional : Topic – God can Restore Your Fortunes. 

By | March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021 New Generation Grace Ministry Devotional : Topic – God can Restore Your Fortunes.


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Friday March 26th, 2021

Title: God can Restore Your Fortunes.

(Job 42:10-13) After Job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave Him twice as much as he had before. And all his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came and ate with him in his house. They comforted and consoled him over all the trouble the Lord had brought on him and each one gave  him a piece of silver and a gold ring. The Lord blessed the later part of Job’s life more than the former part. He had four-thousand yoke of oxen and a thousand donkeys. And He also had seven sons and three daughters.

We all know the story of this man Job. He went through horrible afflictions, we learned of how all his children died, he lost everything he had and had terrible skin disease, was attacked by the devil like never before. Satan went and smote Job with sore , boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown (Job 2:7) He kept trusting God even in the midst of all these.

While under this suffering he was still eager to serve God, he was still willing to do things for God. The Bible says,  after he prayed for his friends God restored his fortunes and gave Him twice all he had lost. It was amazing how he was happy to pray for his friends while under calamities. When God sent his friends to him to be prayed for, he did not murmur, he did not rock deal with God before he prayed for them.

In our own religious traditions today, we will ask  God why are you telling me to pray for them when you have not healed me ? We will give God condition before we can start to pray for them. We are serving God who works in various ways that we cannot understand. Our service to God today is based on what God can do for us first before we can humble ourselves for His service.

In the midst of trouble,  Job was still willing to serve in the vineyard of God. If he had given God condition, and ask God to heal him first before he could pray for his friends , may be he wouldn’t have been restored. He looked beyond his circumstances and allowed God to take control. The Bible says in the midst of all these , Job did not sin, he did not curse God, he remained God’s servant.

Child of God, what are those challenges you are going through? Are you sick? Are you looking unto God for something that people told you that it is impossible? Why not put it aside and tell yourself, it is not about me but about God. Stand up today and start serving God, do not limit God He is God of all weather. He Is God of all seasons, He works 24/7. Rise up today and allow the Holy Spirit to use you, so that you can accomplish your purpose. Stop sitting one place complaining about you problems. What can you do for God? What area is God calling you to serve? What if He says that He cannot help you until you find your purpose in Him? Are you still going to keep complaining? Faith in action, that is what is required to fulfill your purpose. Start today to serve the Lord even in the mist of this your troubles and see the purpose of God Been activated in your life. Your later day will be greater than the former in Jesus name. You will testify like Job. (Job 42:5) My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Wow! The Lord is good ! Amen.

Jesus the same yesterday, and today and forever. He is worthy.

Prayer: In the name of Jesus , My tomorrow shall be greater than today. God help me to obey the Holy Spirit promptings even in the midst of trouble. Use me Lord to bless my friends and my family in the Mighty name of Jesus. Please use me Lord for signs and wonders, I shall fulfill my purpose in Jesus Holy name.

Further Reading: Isaiah 56

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