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DATE: JUNE 20TH, 2021


The Mysterious Power of Generosity.

We are going to be reading various scriptures, then later, we now tie all the scriptures together.

In Luke 6:38, meaning when you give, you get, and you even get more than you give. Please, keep this scripture at the back of your mind.

In Proverbs 11:24, the one that scatters increases, but the one that is stingy becomes poor. Note those scriptures.

Proverbs 11:26, all talking about generosity.
Go back to the book of Leviticus 19:9, Acts 20:35.

2 Corinthians 8:9, Jesus too was extremely generous.

Hebrews 13:2

We have read seven scriptures on generosity and the secret hidden power of generosity.
These days, people talk without speaking; they are just talking. These days, people hear without listening. It’s good to listen hard now.

When a man is eating the bread of the stingy, he goes from poverty to poverty. A rich man who is stingy is the worse pauper. To have, and not to give; is often worse than stealing.
Listen carefully beloved, stinginess does not enrich, a stingy man will always be poor. This is the truth.

You have not lived at all, until you’ve done something for somebody who can never repay you.
And of the various departments and kinds of spiritual intelligence, generosity is the first.
I’m saying all these here now, because I see people here who are suppose to be extremely rich but they are poor; because this principle is not clear to them.

I want to encourage you, when you’re poor and if you’re not able to give, when you’re rich, you will not be able to give. It’s a spirit!

==> I am praying for somebody here: that which you are holding and you need to release, to make you prosper, that you are holding on to; may the Lord take it away from your hand, and give it to somebody that will bring blessings into your life!

So, a small gift is better than a big promise. If you do not give, you become a robber. And how God does not looks at your giving, God does not look at what you give, He looks at what is left with you when you’ve given.

Abundant giving brings abundant living.
Listen well beloved, if you’re giving in order to get something back, you are not giving, you’re trading.
So, being generous is part of being spiritual.

  • Generosity is not just a nice thing to do, it is in fact; the gospel at work.
  • Generosity simply means giving readily to others. And one of the major reasons why many Christians are poor is because they’re stingy towards God.
  • Generosity is the power that will fire us from the the unhealthy group that materialism have on the people of the world. People are so materialistic now, but generosity will free you from that grip.
  • Generosity is the freedom to choose to give.
  • Generosity is to use your God-given power to bless others.
  • Generosity is not only in money, it can cover your talent, it can cover your hard work, it can cover your brain work, it can cover your activity.
  • Generosity is that power to invest into what cannot be taken away from you.
  • You may make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.

All of us, whether we like it or not, we have something that others need. It could be love, it could be acceptance, it could be support, it could be time, it could be just a listening ear. All these are things you give to people, and this is what you call ‘generosity’.

The story of a call I made, shared by Daddy G.O:

I was trying to call a person one time I was in England and I dialled the wrong number. And a white woman picked the phone, so when I heard a white voice; I said ‘sorry ma, wrong number’. She said ‘wrong number, don’t go away’. She said ‘talk to me’. I responded and said ‘talk to you ma’, she said ‘yes’.

She said ‘this is the first time my phone rang in three weeks, no body to talk to, are you from africa’? And this woman kept me on the phone talking for 30 minutes, and I don’t know this woman. Loneliness, no one to talk to; so I had to give her thirty minutes of my time, just talking to her.

  • Generosity is not only something you do, it’s a description of who you are.
    So when you’re stingy to yourself and others, of course you will be stingy towards God and that increases the poverty.
  • Generosity can bring you deliverance.
  • Generosity can bring you wealth.
  • Generosity can bring you prophecy that will move your life forward.

Remember the story of the widow of zarephat, the widow wanted to eat the last meal for herself and her son to eat and they die. All of a sudden, prophet Elijah turned up and said she should give him some water in her hand and some food.

She said ‘man of God, this is the last food her and myself and my son want to eat it and die’. She said ‘however, I will bring it’, and she did. And as she did, prophecy followed her. Her generosity brought her deliverance, it brought her warmth, food and comfort.

==> I’m praying for you, that whatsoever you need to give up, that will release you into your next level of wealth; the Lord will empower you to do so in the name of Jesus!

  • Generosity produces a simpler less cluttered life.

==> I pray for you: that power to unglue yourself from this world; will come upon your life in the name of Jesus!

For we have brought nothing to this world, and it is certain that we are taking nothing out of it. The only thing you take out is what you give. Whatever you accumulate here finishes here.

Bottom line:

What have I told you this morning in a nutshell:
Inorder to live a blessed life, we must live a generous life.

What am I telling you this morning:

  • A generous life is a blessed life,
  • Your gift may leave your hand, but not your life.
  • Generosity must become our way of life. We must give our time, our talent, our money and we will see what the Lord will do.

So as you’re listening to me this morning, you’re either a generous heart or a stingy heart. It is the hand that gives that gathers.
If you want to change what you’re getting, then change what you’re giving and see what the Lord will do.

God is here, and He has a program for the lives of all of us. So one of the greatest powers to connect to in your journey in life, is the power of generosity.

People of destiny in the bible, were people of generosity. Those in the Bible who went out of their way to be a blessing to others, they always get blessed.

  • Hannah was blessed,
  • Mary Magdalene was blessed,
  • Job was blessed,
  • Jacob was blessed,
  • Isaac was blessed,
  • Dorcas was blessed,
  • The widow of zarephat was blessed,
  • The shunamite woman who saw Elisha passing, and told her husband that she perceived prophet Elisha was a man of God. She proposed to her husband that they give prophet Elisha a flat to stay. She was blessed.
  • Lydia was blessed,
  • Johanna was blessed,

All these people connected to the power of generosity. All generals in the bible are generous people. So there can be no great destiny without generosity.

In many instances in scriptures, generosity has wiped out adversity, it has wiped out affliction.
That shunamite woman had given up on having a child, but the generosity she had on Elisha gave her a child.

So, one key to turn around an issue you’re giving up on; is generosity. So, what gave birth to the shunamite woman’s miracle was her generosity.

  • Your generosity can wipe out your shame, it can wipe out your reproach, it can wipe out your calamity, it can wipe out your insult, it can wipe out your disgrace.
  • Your generosity of today can answer for your need of tomorrow. Beaches as far as God is concerned, a generous person is not allowed to be stranded. Generosity gives access to divine direction.

Look at 2 Kings 8:1

Elisha only gave information about the famine to this generous woman. So that generosity that she did was the cure for her adversity.
Generosity is a key for greatness. Anywhere you see generosity, greatness is not far.

Do you want to secure a place in time and in eternity?

Do you want the history books to document your activities? It is generosity that will give you that aspect.

You say what do I do?

  1. Yield everything you have to Christ. You should submit yourself to God as a holy sacrifice.
  2. Start where you are now, don’t wait till you’re very rich.
  3. See every avenue to give as a cry for you to arise and shine. Don’t wait for somebody to pressurise you to give.
  4. Do not give as a result of what you expect back.
  5. Be willing to sacrifice.

==> I pray that that spirit of generosity, that will open doors to great breakthroughs for you, that will wipe out affliction, reproach and shame; will come upon us in the name of Jesus!

Rise to your feet now, all eyes closed.

Prayer Rain:
[After Ministration Prayers by Daddy G.O:]

There are some prayers to pray here this morning before you leave this place. But before then, bow down your heads while you remain standing.

Tell the Lord to forgive you, for areas where you have been stingy towards others and towards God. Where you have been complaining that you don’t have, but there are people who have far less than you, that your life can bless; but you’re not doing anything to bless them. Ask the Lord to forgive you.

These prayers that I want you to pray, is a prayer to release you onto your next level prayer, and next level prayer is always aggressive prayer.

Can you shout this the way I am going to shout my own:

  1. My Father, deliver me from strange battles in the name of Jesus!
  2. My Father, accelerate my speed in the name of Jesus!
  3. Every gang up against my prosperity, scatter in the name of Jesus!
  4. Powers multiplying my yokes, die in the name of Jesus! (To be prayed three hot times)
  5. Every good thing that I have lost, I recover them by fire in the name of Jesus!
  6. Every rage of domestic witchcraft against my life, scatter in the name of Jesus!
  7. Every cage of the wicked attacking my family, break in the name of Jesus!
  8. Every curse hanging on my family tree, die in the name of Jesus!
  9. Any good thing that belongs to me, presently in the valley of witchcraft; come out now in the name of Jesus!
  10. Every worker of iniquity, contesting with my destiny; die in the name of Jesus!
  11. My Father, arise, let my story change, in the name of Jesus!
  12. Where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise, let my problems die, in the name of Jesus!

God bless you in Jesus name.

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