Bible Story : Solomon Crowned King

By | October 30, 2018


Bible Story : Solomon Crowned King


Solomon Crowned King

WHEN ABSALOM WAS dead, the people were eager to fetch the king home again so eager, that they quarreled among themselves because the men of Judah, David’s own tribe, were the first to bring him on his way to Jerusalem.

And the quarrel ended in all the men of Israel again revolting from the king. Joab, however, who was a skillful soldier, though he was a very bad man, succeeded in putting down the insurrection.

But David’s troubles were not yet at an end. First famine, and then pestilence, in which seventy thousand of the people died, afflicted his kingdom.

And then, when he was old and feeble, apparently near death, his son Adonijah set himself up to be king, after his father, instead of Solomon, whom God had appointed to succeed David.

By way of making his claim sure, Adonijah had taken upon himself royal state. Joab and other officers of the kingdom were with him, and the people acknowledged him as king.

News of this was brought to David, who at once determined to prevent disputes about the succession after his death by having Solomon crowned during his own lifetime.

So he called Nathan the priest, Zadok the prophet, and Benaiah the captain of his guard, and bade them, with a number of his officers, take Solomon, and, placing him upon the king’s own mule (which it was death for any subject to ride), bring him down to Gihon, a fountain near Jerusalem, and there, with sound of trumpet, anoint, and proclaim him king over Israel.

So they took him thither, and proclaimed him king multitudes following and shouting, “God save King Solomon!” till the city rang again.

Adonijah and his friends were at this time rejoicing together and while they were feasting, in came one of their party to tell them that David had actually made Solomon king of Israel.

When they heard this, they were so frightened that each one stole away as quietly as he could. And Adonijah, fearing that his life might be forfeited for attempting to seize the kingdom, fled to the altar for protection for he who laid hold of the horns of the altar was considered under God’s protection, and therefore safe from his enemies.

But Solomon sent for him, promising him safety if he submitted to him. So Adonijah came, and did homage to his brother, who let him go home peaceably.

Soon after this David died, and was buried at Jerusalem.

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