Baby Names : The 200 Unique Christian Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

By | November 18, 2019

Baby Names : The 200 Unique Christian Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

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The Bible hosts hundreds of beautiful and significant names. The Old Testament has a treasure of uncommon names that glorify the Almighty Father whereas the New Testament is home to the popular and contemporary Christian names.

We understand that it can be very confusing and time-consuming to go through all the names in the Bible. So, if you are looking for a Christian name for your son, we are here to help you pick the best biblical boy names. We have mentioned the source of the name to make your choice easier.

200 Best Biblical Boy Names With Meanings:

1. Aaron:

Aaron means a ‘Teacher’, ‘Lofty’, or a ‘Mountain of strength’. It is one of the most popular Christian names.

Bible mention: Exodus 4:14

2. Abaddon:

Abbadon is the name of an angel in the Bible, and it means ‘The Destroyer’.

Bible mention: Revelation 9:11

3. Abagtha:

Abagtha refers to a general court official, or means the ‘Fortunate one’.

Bible mention: Esther 1:10

4. Abana:

Abana means ‘Made of stone’ or a ‘Building’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 5:12

5. Abdiel:

Abdiel means the ‘Servant of God’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 5:15

6. Abednego:

One of the names of the three famous friends who refused to bow down in front of a tyrannical king, Abednego means the ‘Servant of light’ or ‘Shining’.

Bible mention: Daniel 1:7

7. Abel:

The name of the second son of Adam and Eve, Abel means ‘Breath’ or ‘Vapor’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:2

8. Abiah:

Also spelled as Abijah, it means ‘Jehovah is my father’ or ‘my father is Yahweh’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 8:2

9. Abidan:

Abidan means the ‘Father of judgment’.

Bible mention: Numbers 1:11

10. Abishalom:

This beautiful name means the ‘Father of peace’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 15:2

11. Abishua:

Abishua means the ‘Father of safety’ or the ‘Father of salvation’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 6:4

12. Abner:

Abner means the ‘Father of light’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 14:51

13. Abram:

Abram is the birth name of Abraham, it means the ‘Exalted father’.

Bible mention: Genesis 11:10-27

14. Abraham:

In the Old Testament, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, which means the ‘Father of the multitude’.

Bible mention: Genesis 17:5

15. Adam:

In the Bible, Adam is the first man that God ever created. It means ‘Of the ground’ or ‘Taken out of the red earth’.

Bible mention: Genesis 2:4

16. Adina:

Adina is the name of an officer in King David’s military. It means ‘Slender’ or ‘Delicate’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 11:42

17. Adriel:

Adriel means ‘God’s helper’ or ‘Man’s saver’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 18:19

18. Aenon:

Aenon is the name of a place in the New Testament. It means ‘A cloud’, ‘Fountain’, or ‘His eye’ in Greek.

Bible mention: John 3:23

19. Amariah:

Amariah means ‘Jehovah has promised’ or ‘Yahweh has said’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 6:7

20. Amaziah:

Amaziah means ‘Strength of God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Genesis 11:27

21. Amok:

Amok means a ‘Valley’ or ‘Depth’.

Bible mention: Nehemiah 12:7

22. Amos:

One of the most popular prophets in the Bible, Amos means ‘Burden’ or the ‘One who bears the burden’.

Bible mention: Amos 1:1, Book of Amos

23. Anani:

Anani means ‘Covered with God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 3:24

24. Ananias:

From the Hebrew name Hananiah, it means ‘Answered by the Lord’.

Bible mention: Acts 5:1

25. Andrew:

Andrew is the name of Jesus Christ’s first disciple. It means ‘A strong man’, and is one of the most popular Christian boy names.

Bible mention: Matthew 4:18

26. Andronicus:

Andronicus is a Latinized version of a Greek name Andronikos. It means ‘Victory of a man’. It is also popularized by the titular character of William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus.

Bible mention: Romans 16:7

27. Apollos:

In the New Testament, Apollos is an eloquent and learned Jew in the city of Alexandria. The name means the ‘One who destroys’ or a ‘Youthful god of music’.

Bible mention: Acts 18:24

28. Aquila:

Aquila is an acquaintance of St. Paul in the New Testament. This name means ‘Eagle’ in Latin.

Bible mention: Acts 18:2

29. Asa:

Asa is the name of one of the kings in the Old Testament. It means ‘Physician’ or ‘Cure’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 15:8

30. Asahel:

Asahel means the ‘God is doer’ or the ‘God hath made’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 17:8

31. Asher:

Asher is the forefather of one of the Israel tribes called the Asherites. This name means ‘Happy’.

Bible mention: Genesis 30:13

32. Asriel:

Also spelled as Ashriel, this name means ‘Vow of god’ or ‘God is joined’.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:31

33. Azareel:

Also known as Azarael, it means ‘God is a helper’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 12:6

34. Azariah:

This beautiful name means ‘He that hears the Lord’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 4:2

35. Azmon:

Azmon means ‘Bone of a bone’ or ‘Our strength’.

Bible mention: Numbers 34:4

36. Barak:

Barak means ‘Thunder’ in Hebrew. Do not confuse it with Barack, which is an African name.

Bible mention: Judges 4:6

37. Bartholomew:

One of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, Bartholomew means the ‘Son of Talmai’ in Aramaic. He is also listed as Nathaniel in some books of the New Testament.

Bible mention: Matthew 10:3

38. Baruch:

Baruch means ‘Blessed’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Nehemiah 3:20

39. Benjamin:

Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob in the Old Testament. It is one of the most popular contemporary Christian boy names. This name means ‘Son of the right hand’.

Bible mention: Genesis 49:27

40. Bethuel:

Bethuel means ‘Abode of God’ or ‘Dweller in God’.

Bible mention: Genesis 22:22

41. Cain:

Cain is the first son of Adam and Eve. This name means ‘Acquisition’, ‘Fabrication’, or ‘Possessed’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:1

42. Caleb:

Caleb is mentioned several times in the Bible as a loyal follower. This name means ‘Faithful like a dog’ or ‘Devotion of the faithful’.

Bible mention: Numbers 13:6

43. Claudius:

Claudius is the name of one of the Roman emperors mentioned in the New Testament. This name means ‘Crippled’.

Bible mention: Acts 18:2

44. Cornelius:

In the New Testament, Cornelius is a Roman centurion who is the first gentile to be converted. This name means ‘The beam of the sun’.

Bible mention: Acts 10:3

45. Dalphon:

Dalphon means ‘The house of caves’ or ‘Dropping’.

Bible mention: Esther 9:7

46. Daniel:

Daniel is one of the most celebrated prophets in the Bible. This name means ‘God is my judge’.

Bible mention: Ezekiel 14:14, Book of Daniel

47. Darius:

Darius means ‘A king’ or ‘He that informs himself’.

Bible mention: Ezra 4:5

48. David:

David is one of the most popular figures in the Bible. He is known for his eloquence in poetry, his rise from a shepherd to Israel’s greatest king, and bravery. This name means ‘Beloved’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 16:1

49. Dishon:

Dishon means ‘Leaping’.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:21

50. Ebenezer:

Ebenezer means ‘Rock of help’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 4:1

51. Eladah:

Eladah means ‘God hath adorned’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:20

52. Edrei:

Edrei means ‘A very great mass’.

Bible mention: Numbers 21:33

53. Elead:

Elead means ‘God is witness’ or ‘God continues’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:21

54. Eleazar:

Eleazar means the ‘God is helper’.

Bible mention: Exodus 6:23

55. Eliakim:

Eliakim means the ‘God is setting up’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 18:18

56. Eliel:

Eliel means ‘God’ or ‘God is God’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 5:24

57. Elihu:

Elihu means ‘He is my God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 1:1

58. Eliezer:

Eliezer means ‘God is my help’.

Bible mention: Exodus 18:4

59. Elijah:

In the Old Testament, Elijah is a famous prophet and miracle worker who ascended to heaven in a blazing chariot. This name means ‘My God is Yahweh’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 17:1

60. Elim:

Elim means ‘The rams’, ‘The strong’, or ‘Stags’.

Bible mention: Exodus 15:27

61. Eliphaz:

Eliphaz means ‘The endeavor of God’.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:4

62. Elisha:

Elisha is the disciple and successor of the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament. This name means ‘My God is salvation’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 19:16

63. Elon:

Elon means ‘Oak’, ‘Grove’, or ‘Strong’ in Hebrew. This name is slowly rising to popularity, thanks to the famous technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer, Elon Musk.

Bible mention: Genesis 26:34

64. Emmanuel:

Also spelled as Immanuel, Emmanuel means ‘God is with us’ in Hebrew and Latin.

Bible mention: Isaiah 7:14

65. Enoch:

Enoch is the only other figure in the Bible that does not die but is taken by God. This name means ‘Dedicated’. He is known to have lived more than 365 years in the Old Testament.

Bible mention: Genesis 5:24

66. Ephraim:

Ephraim means ‘Doubly fruitful’.

Bible mention: Genesis 41:52

67. Eran:

Eran means ‘Watchful’ or ‘Vigilant’.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:36

68. Erastus:

Erastus means ‘Beloved’.

Bible mention: Acts 19:22

69. Esau:

Esau means ‘Hairy’ or ‘Rough’. He is the elder twin brother of Jacob in the Bible.

Bible mention: Genesis 25:25

70. Ethan:

One of the most popular contemporary Christian names, it means ‘Ancient’, ‘Firmness’, or ‘Perplexity’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 4:31

71. Ezekiel:

This name means ‘God is strong’ or ‘The man God strengthens’. Ezekiel is a prophet and central figure in the Book of Ezekiel.

Bible mention: Ezekiel 1:3

72. Ezra:

This name is steadily rising as one of the most favored Christian names today. It means ‘Help’ or ‘My helper’.

Bible mention: Ezra 7:1

73. Felix:

Felix means ‘Happy’ or ‘Prosperous’.

Bible mention: Acts 23:24

74. Gabriel:

Often depicted as a messenger, Gabriel is one of the few mentioned angels in the Bible. The name Gabriel is a long time favorite of Christian households. It means ‘God is my strength’.

Bible mention: Daniel 8:16

75. Gaddiel:

Gaddiel means ‘Goat of God’ or ‘The Lord is my happiness’.

Bible mention: Numbers 13:10

76. Gaius:

Gaius means ‘I am glad’.

Bible mention: Acts 19:29

77. Gamaliel:

Gamaliel means ‘My reward is God’.

Bible mention: Acts 5:34

78. Gideon:

Gideon is a brave soldier who delivered the Israelites from the Midians in the Old Testament. This name means ‘A cutting down’, ‘He that bruises’, or ‘Great warrior’.

Bible mention: Judges 6:1

79. Haziel:

Haziel means the ‘Vision of God’ or ‘God is seeing’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 23:9

80. Hebron:

Hebron means ‘Union’ or ‘Company’.

Bible mention: Exodus 6:18

81. Helek:

Helek means ‘Smoothness’ or ‘Portion’.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:30

82. Hermas:

Hermas is one of the Christians in Rome that Paul greets. This name means ‘Interpreter’ or ‘Mercury’.

Bible mention:

83. Hezekiah:

One of the greatest kings of Judah, the name Hezekiah means ‘Jehovah is strength’ or ‘A strong support is Jehovah’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 16:20

84. Hiram:

Hiram means ‘Exalted brother’ in Hebrew. This name is rising in popularity thanks to popular culture and art.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 5:11

85. Isaac:

Another one of the most common Christian names, Isaac means ‘Laughter’ in Hebrew. Isaac is the miracle son of Abraham in the Old Testament.

Bible mention: Genesis 17:19

86. Isaiah:

Also spelled as Esaiah, Isaiah is one of the patriotic prophets in the Old Testament. This name means ‘Jehovah is helper’ or ‘Salvation is of the Lord’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 19:2, Book Of Isaiah

87. Ishuah:

Ishuah means ‘Equal’ or ‘Self-satisfied’.

Bible mention: Genesis 46:17

88. Israel:

Israel is God’s given name to Jacob after winning in an intense wrestle with a mysterious being, from night until daybreak. Israel means ‘He striveth with God’, ‘God contends’, or ‘Ruling with God.’ Israel is also the father or progenitor of the twelve Israelite tribes.

Bible mention: Genesis 32:28

89. Jacob:

In the Bible, Jacob is Esau’s younger twin brother who fights with his elder brother since they are formed in the womb. The name Jacob means ‘He who supplants’ or ‘He who follows after.’

Bible mention: Genesis 25:26

90. Jada:

Jada means ‘Wise’ or ‘Knowing’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 2:28

91. Jairus:

Jairus means ‘He will enlighten’ or ‘He will diffuse light’.

Bible mention: Mark 5:22

92. Jakim:

Jakim means ‘A setter up’ or ‘He raises up’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 8:19

93. James:

James is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. This name means ‘Supplanter’.

Bible mention: Matthew 4:21

94. Japheth:

Japheth is the second son of the famous figure Noah in the Bible. This name means ‘Beauty’, ‘Let him enlarge’, or ‘He that persuades’.

Bible mention: Genesis 5:32

95. Jared:

One of the most widely used Christian names today, Jared means ‘Descending’ or ‘He that descends’. In the Bible, Jared is known as the second oldest figure in the Bible, having lived for 962 years.

Bible mention: Genesis 5:20

96. Jason:

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Christian names today, Jason means ‘Healing’ or ‘He that cures’.

Bible mention: Romans 16:21

97. Jedaiah:

Jedaiah means ‘Jehovah is praised’ or ‘Jehovah knoweth’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:37

98. Jedidiah:

Jedidiah means ‘Beloved of Jehovah’ or ‘Jehovah is a friend’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 12:25

99. Jehiel:

Jehiel means ‘God will live’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 15:18

100. Jemima:

Jemima means ‘Handsome as the day’.

Bible mention: Job 42:14

101. Jerah:

Jerah means ‘The Moon’, ‘Month’, or ‘Sweet smelling’.

Bible mention: Genesis 10:26

102. Jerahmeel:

Jerahmeel means ‘God will have pity’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 2:9

103. Jeremiah:

Also stylized as Jeremy or Jeremius, this name means ‘Jehovah is high’ or ‘Exalted of God’. It is one of the most common Christian names.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 23:31

104. Jericho:

One of the rarely used biblical names, Jericho means ‘The Moon’ or ‘Fragrance’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Numbers 22:1

105. Jeroham:

Jeroham means ‘Love’ or ‘He finds mercy’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 1:1

106. Jesaiah:

Jesaiah means ‘Jehovah is opulent or hath saved’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 12:6

107. Jesimiel:

Jesimiel means ‘God sets up’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:36

108. Jesse:

Jesse means ‘Jehovah exists’ or ‘Firm’. It could also mean ‘Gift’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Ruth 4:17

109. Job:

Job is one of the most patient figures in the Bible. He does not fall into the temptation to curse God when he suffers from illness and loses everything — his children, wealth, and livestock. This name means ‘One ever returning to God’, ‘He that weeps’, or ‘Persecuted’.

Bible mention: Job 1:1

110. Joel:

Joel means ‘Jehovah is God’, or ‘The Lord is God’ in Hebrew. It is a well-liked Christian name.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:35

111. John:

One of the most common Christian names, John means ‘God is gracious’ or ‘Mercy of the Lord’.

Bible mention: Acts 4:6

112. Jonathan:

Jonathan means ‘Jehovah has given’ or ‘The Lord gave’.

Bible mention: Judges 18:30

113. Jordan:

Jordan means ‘To flow down’ or ‘Descend’, referring to the river in the Bible. It is one of the most commonly used biblical baby names.

Bible mention: Genesis 13:10

114. Joseph:

Another well-liked biblical name, Joseph means ‘May Jehovah add or increase’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Genesis 30:24

115. Joshua:

One of the most popular Christian names today, Joshua is sometimes stylized as Oshea or Jehoshua. It means ‘Jehovah is salvation’.

Bible mention: Exodus 17:9

116. Josiah:

Josiah means ‘The fire of the Lord’ or ‘Jehovah supports’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 13:2

117. Jotham:

Jotham means ‘The perfection of the Lord’.

Bible mention: Judges 9:5

118. Jubal:

Jubal means ‘He that runs’ or ‘Trumpet’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:21

119. Judas:

Judas means ‘Praise’ in Hebrew. In the New Testament, Judas is a disciple who betrayed Jesus.

Bible mention: Matthew 26:15

120. Korah:

Korah means ‘Baldness’ or ‘Icy’.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:5

121. Lael:

Lael means ‘Devoted to God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Numbers 3:24

122. Lazarus:

Lazarus means ‘God has helped’. In the Bible, Lazarus is resurrected from the dead by Jesus after he has been in the tomb for four days.

Bible mention: Luke 16:19

123. Lemuel:

Lemuel means ‘Devoted to God’ or ‘God is bright’.
Bible mention: Proverbs 31:1

124. Levi:

Levi means ‘Joined’ or ‘Attached’. In the Bible, the Levi tribes are the priestly class of the Israelites.

Bible mention: Genesis 29:34

125. Lucifer:

Lucifer means ‘Bringing light’ or ‘Son of the morning’. It is implied that this name belonged to the archangel before his fall from heaven and became Satan.

Bible mention: Isaiah 14:12

126. Lucius:

Lucius means ‘Luminous’ or ‘White’.

Bible mention: Acts 13:1

127. Luke:

Another variant of Lucius or Lucas, this name means ‘Luminous’. In the New Testament, we also see the name Luke in The Gospel Of Luke and other gospels.

Bible mention: 2 Corinthians 8:16

128. Malachi:

Malachi means ‘My messenger’ or ‘Messenger of Jehovah’.

Bible mention: Malachi 1:1

129. Mark:

Also known as Marcus, this name means ‘Shining’ or ‘A large hammer’. The name Mark is also relevant in the New Testament because of the Gospel According To Mark.

Bible mention: Acts 12:12

130. Matthew:

One of the original disciples of Jesus Christ’s, Matthew means ‘Gift of Jehovah’. Matthew is a popular name in Christianity even today. It is a common belief that Matthew wrote the Gospel.

Bible mention: Matthew 9:9

131. Micah:

Also spelled as Michah, Mica, Micha, the name Micah means ‘One who is like God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Judges 17:1

132. Michael:

In the Bible, Michael is the archangel who defeated the serpent Satan during the war in heaven. Hailed for his strength and loyalty, Michael is one of the most popular angels in the Holy Bible. This name means ‘One who is like God’.

Bible mention: Daniel 10:13

133. Moses:

Raised as the prince of Egypt, Moses is one of the key figures in the Bible. He received and wrote the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. Moses means ‘Drawn forth’, ‘Taken out of the water’ or ‘A son’.

Bible mention: Exodus 2:10

134. Mishael:

Mishael means ‘High place’ or ‘Who is like God’.

Bible mention: Exodus 6:22

135. Nadab:

Nadab means ‘Of one’s free will’ or ‘Liberal’. In the Bible, Nadab is Aaron’s son and Moses’ nephew.

Bible mention: Exodus 6:23

136. Nahaliel:

Nahaliel means ‘Valley of God’ or ‘Inheritance’.

Bible mention: Numbers 21:19

137. Nahalal:

Nahalal means ‘Praised’ or ‘Bright’.

Bible mention: Joshua 19:15

138. Nahum:

One of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament, Nahum means ‘Compassionate’, ‘Comforter’ or ‘Full of comfort’.

Bible mention: Nahum 1:1

139. Nathan:

Nathan means ‘He hath given’ or ‘Rewarded’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 3:5

140. Nathanael:

Nathanael is the name of one of the followers of Jesus in the New Testament. It means ‘The gift of God’.

Bible mention: John 1:45

141. Neco:

Also spelled as Necho, it means ‘One who was beaten’. This name was a title of a pharaoh in the Old Testament.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 35:20

142. Nehemiah:

Nehemiah means ‘Jehovah has consoled’.

Bible mention: Nehemiah 1:1

143. Nekoda:

Nekoda means ‘Herdsman’ or ‘Distinguished’.

Bible mention: Ezra 2:48

144. Nemuel:

Nemuel means ‘God is spreading’.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:9

145. Nereus:

Nereus is derived from the Greek word neros, which means ‘Water’.

Bible mention: Romans 16:15

146. Nicodemus:

Nicodemus means ‘Innocent blood’ or ‘Victor over the people’.

Bible mention: John 3:1

147. Noah:

Noah is derived from the Hebrew word Noach, which means ‘Rest’ or ‘Repose’. Noah is another prominent figure who built an Ark at God’s order before the flood.

Bible mention: Genesis 6:8

148. Obadiah:

Obadiah means ‘Servant’ or ‘Worshipper of Jehovah’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 18:3

149. Omar:

Omar means ‘Mountaineer’, ‘Eloquent’ or ‘He that speaks’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:11

150. Ophel:

Ophel is derived from the Greek word Ophelos, which means ‘Help’. It is the name of a hill in the Old Testament.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 27:3

151. Oshea:

Oshea is a variant of Joshua, which means ‘Jehovah is salvation’.

Bible mention: Numbers 13:8

152. Othniel:

Othniel means the ‘Powerful one’ or the ‘Lion of God’.

Bible mention: Judges 1:13

153. Ozni:

Ozni means ‘Attentive’ or ‘Jehovah hears’.

Bible mention: Genesis 46:16

154. Paul:

One of the most important writers and apostles in the New Testament, Paul is the second name of Saul. It means ‘Little’.

Bible mention: Acts 13:7

155. Perez:

Also known as Peresh, it means ‘Divided’ or ‘Distinction’.

Bible mention: Genesis 38:29

156. Peter:

One of the original disciples of Jesus, Peter is an outstanding character in the Bible. This name means ‘Rock’ or ‘Stone’.

Bible mention: Matthew 4:18

157. Philemon:

It means ‘Friendly’ or ‘Affectionate’.

Bible mention: Philemon 1:1

158. Philetus:

It means ‘Beloved’ or ‘Worthy of love’.

Bible mention: 2 Timothy 2:17

159. Philip:

One of the twelve apostles, Philip means ‘Warrior’ or ‘Lover of horses’.

Bible mention: Matthew 10:3

160. Phineas:

Phineas means ‘Face of trust’ or ‘Mouth of a serpent’.

Bible mention: Exodus 6:25

161. Rakem:

Also spelled as Rekem, it means ‘Friendship’ or ‘Variegated’.

Bible mention 1 Chronicles 7:16

162. Ramiah:

Ramiah means ‘Jehovah is exalted’.

Bible mention: Ezra 10:25

163. Rephael:

Rephael means ‘God is a healer’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 26:7

164. Reuben:

It means ‘Behold a son’ or ‘Vision of the son’.

Bible mention: Genesis 29:32

165. Rosh:

Rosh means ‘A chief’, ‘Prince’, or ‘The beginning’.

Bible mention: Genesis 46:21

166. Rufus:

Rufus means ‘Red’.

Bible mention: Mark 15:21

167. Rumah:

Rumah means ‘Exalted’ or ‘Sublime’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 23:36

168. Samson:

Samson means ‘Distinguished’, ‘Strong’ or ‘His sun’.

Bible mention: Judges 13:24

169. Samuel:

One of the most popular Christian names until today, Samuel means ‘Heard’ or ‘Asked of God’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 1:1

170. Saul:

The original name of Paul, Saul means ‘Asked for’ or ‘Demanded’.

Bible mention: Acts 7:58

171. Sergius:

It means ‘To serve’ or ‘To guard’.

Bible mention: Acts 13:7

172. Seth:

Another popular Christian name, Seth means ‘Compensation’, ‘Appointed’ or ‘Substituted’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:25

173. Sheba:

Sheba means ‘Seventh’ or ‘An oath’.

Bible mention: Genesis 10:7

174. Simon:

It means ‘Hears and obeys’ or ‘Hearing with acceptance’. Simeon is another variant of this name.

Bible mention: Matthew 4:18

175. Silas:

It means ‘Lover of words’.

Bible mention: Acts 15:22

176. Sivan:

Sivan is the ninth month of the civil year and the third month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar.

Bible mention: Esther 8:9

177. Solomon:

The famous third king of Israel, Solomon means ‘Peace’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 5:14

178. Stephen:

Stephen means ‘Crown’ or ‘Wreath’.

Bible mention: Acts 6:5

179. Tarsus:

A name of a place in the Bible, Tarsus means ‘Winged’ or ‘Feathered’.

Bible mention: Acts 9:11

180. Theophilus:

It means ‘Loved by God’ or ‘Friend of God’.

Bible mention: Luke 1:3

181. Thomas:

One of the twelve apostles who is known for his skepticism, Thomas means ‘Twin’.

Bible mention: Matthew 10:3

182. Theudas:

It means ‘Flowing with water’.

Bible mention: Acts 5:36

183. Timon:

It means ‘Honorable’ or ‘Worthy’.

Bible mention: Acts 6:5

184. Timothy:

A variant of Timotheus, it means ‘Worshipping God’ or ‘Honor of God’.

Bible mention: Acts 16:1

185. Titus:

Titus is a popular Catholic name, which means ‘Honorable’.

Bible mention: Acts 16:1

186. Tobias:

Also known as Tobiah, it means ‘Jehovah is good’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: Ezra 2:60

187. Tilon:

Tilon means ‘Small mound’ or ‘Small walk’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:20

188. Uri:

Uri means ‘Light of Jehovah’ or ‘Enlightened’.

Bible mention: Exodus 31:2

189. Uel:

Uel means ‘The will of God’.

Bible mention: Ezra 10:34

190. Urias:

A variant of Uriah, it means ‘Jehovah is light’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 16:10

191. Uriel:

It means ‘God is my light’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 6:24

192. Vaniah:

Vaniah means ‘God is praise’ or ‘Distress’.

Bible mention: Ezra 10:36

193. Zachariah:

Zachariah means ‘Jehovah has remembered’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 14:29

194. Zebadiah:

It means ‘Jehovah has endowed’ or ‘The Lord is my portion’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 8:15

195. Zerah:

Also known as Zarah or Zara, it means ‘Sprout’ or ‘Springing up of light’.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:13

196. Zemira:

Also spelled as Zemirah, it means ‘A melody’ or ‘A song’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:8

197. Zephaniah:

It means ‘Jehovah is darkness’ or ‘God hides’.

Bible mention: Zephaniah 1:1

198. Zoheth:

Zoheth means ‘Corpulent’ or ‘Strong’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:20

199. Zohar:

Zohar means ‘Shining’ or ‘Distinction’.

Bible mention: Genesis 23:8

200. Zuriel:

Zuriel means ‘God is a rock’.

Bible mention: Numbers 3:35

There is nothing like the Holy Bible if you’re looking for relevant and beautiful biblical names for your baby boy. Do you agree with our list? Tell us your favorites, in the comments section below.

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