May 30, 2020 Higher Everyday Devotional :- A LITTLE LEAVEN

May 30, 2020 Higher Everyday Devotional :- A LITTLE LEAVEN

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MEMORY VERSE: “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump” (GALATIANS 5:9).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of kills by the deadliest animals reveals that sharks and wolves kill an average of 10 people; elephants and lions kill 100 people; hippopotamuses kill 500 people; crocodiles kill 1,000 people, and snakes kill about 50,000 people yearly. Small insignificant mosquitoes kill more than 1 million people every year. Though a mosquito does not seem scary or dangerous like snakes, crocodiles and lions, it is however the deadliest of the above named creatures.

Murder, adultery, abortion, witchcraft and idolatry are classified as flagrant or “great sins” by some Christians. However, such believers play down on supposed “little sins” like exaggeration, malice, half-truth, nonchalant attitude to God’s word, envy, jealousy, unforgiving spirit, hypocrisy, eye service, evil speaking, slander, position seeking, compromise, conformity to the world, criticisms, impatience and lust. Jesus did not categorize sin. The so-called “little sins” are ruinous. We must repent of the tiniest “little sin” which we know that our conscience has condemned. Every sin has the capacity to drag anyone to the pit of hell. Do not tolerate any sin.

QUOTE: The so-called “little sins” are ruinous.

CHALLENGE: It does not matter is what really matters.

PRAYER: Set me free from every sin, O Lord.

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