Anglican Sunday School Manual For August 30, 2020 : Topic – Jesus and Abraham

By | August 30, 2020

Anglican Sunday School Manual For August 30, 2020 : Topic – Jesus and Abraham

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SUB THEME: The Supremacy of Jesus Christ over Biblical heroes (3)

TOPIC: Jesus and Abraham

MEMORY VERSE: John 8:56 “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw

it and was glad.

TEXTS: Exodus 3:14, John 8:51-59


i. to identify the similarity(s) between Jesus Christ and Abraham

ii. to understand the supremacy of Jesus Christ over Abraham and

iii. to identify the benefits in obeying to God

2020 Bible Study Outline 37

INTRODUCTION: The claim of Jesus ( ) is very revealing John 8:53-59 and multifaceted:

first, that He pre-existed His human birth and was actually alive and present (as God)

before Abraham; Second, that His title was ‘I AM’- which was the same title God gave

himself and denotes continued existence without respect to time, as long as he is


The objection of the Jews (John 8:57) was that he was a young man- ‘’not yet fifty’’, and

could not, therefore, have seen Abraham; Jesus replied that he existed before Abraham

(John 8:56, 58).


1. Compare the obedience of Jesus Christ to Abraham’s-Phil 2:5-11, Gen 12:1-4, 22:9-10

2. In what ways did God, by the obedience of Jesus and Abraham, blessed mankind?

Gen 12:3, John 14:6-7

3. How can you prove the supremacy of Jesus Christ over Abraham?

4. Is it possible for Christians today to practice total obedience to God just as Jesus and

Abraham did?


The affirmation in John 1:1 that Jesus the Word was in the beginning with God, and was

God proves that while He was a man, He had existed eternally before Abraham and was

therefore superior to Abraham. Moreover, Abraham died as a father of the blessed nation,

Jesus died to redeem the whole world from their sins and to reign eternally as the King of

kings and Lord of lords even over Abraham.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: While Abraham died as a father of a nation, Jesus reigns

eternally as the Saviour.

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