February 27, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – VISION AND AMBITION 

By | February 27, 2021

February 27, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – VISION AND AMBITION 

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 Saturday, February 27, 2021.


Read: 2 Samuel 16:15-23

2 Samuel 16:15-23 Now Absalom and all the people, the men of Israel, came to Jerusalem, and Ahithophel with him.

And when Hushai the Archite, David’s friend, came to Absalom, Hushai said to Absalom, “Long live the king! Long live the king!”

And Absalom said to Hushai, “Is this your loyalty to your friend? Why did you not go with your friend?”

And Hushai said to Absalom, “No, for whom the Lord and this people and all the men of Israel have chosen, his I will be, and with him I will remain.

And again, whom should I serve? Should it not be his son? As I have served your father, so I will serve you.”

Then Absalom said to Ahithophel, “Give your counsel. What shall we do?”

Ahithophel said to Absalom, “Go in to your father’s concubines, whom he has left to keep the house, and all Israel will hear that you have made yourself a stench to your father, and the hands of all who are with you will be strengthened.”

So they pitched a tent for Absalom on the roof. And Absalom went in to his father’s concubines in the sight of all Israel.

Now in those days the counsel that Ahithophel gave was as if one consulted the word of God; so was all the counsel of Ahithophel esteemed, both by David and by Absalom.


Faithful man will abound with blessings, but whoever hastens to be rich will not go unpunished. (Proverbs 28:20)


Vision and ambition look synonymous, but an in-depth check on each word shows they are rarely same. To be determined to become successful, rich, powerful… is being ambitious. In our days, we know what being “ambitious” means. It is being desperate to make the riches, wealth, fame, power, etc. come sooner than needed, or  expected! David’s first son was a typical example. Absalom, though a rightful heir to his father’s throne, shot himself in the foot by his inordinate ambition which eventually led to  his Waterloo! (2 Samuel 18:9-10).

Every man/woman who lives purposively must have vision. This is what you live for. It is your foresight that you want to work towards achieving someday. It is no crime being visionary or ambitious. However, when vision and ambition are not  separated, it gives room for desperation and needles risk-taking! Through consistent diligence,  prayer, holy-living, meditation in Holy Word of God, reading relevant literature in your field, your vision will surely become accomplished. Joseph’s vision came to fulfillment despite the challenges (Gen.45:1-7).

Many, in their lives, careers and ministers have somehow abandoned their God-given vision! They are busy pursing another goal that leads to nowhere! Is it your vision to raise kingdom children in your church or you are unnecessary ambitious to build a cathedral? Some are given to only preach, evangelise the sinners, but not to float a church! However, because of misguided ambition, they derail and dabble, and needless problems set in!

King Saul dabbled from monarchic into a priestly ministry and his problems began! (1 Sam.13:8-11) Don’t create unnecessary problems for  yourself! Be guided according to your God-given vision or dream, and it shall be well with you. See God’s involvement in vision. He gives the vision rightly and timely (1 Sam.10:7)


1. I refuse to become unnecessarily ambitious in Jesus name.

2. Lord, you would help each of your children to discover what each has to do for You, when and how.

3. Lord help Your children to overcome the demons of anxiety and godless desperation.

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY:: Number 1:44-3:19; Mark 5:35-6:13

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