April 26, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – LIVING WISELY AND WELL.

By | April 25, 2021

April 26, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – LIVING WISELY AND WELL.

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Monday, April 26, 2021.

(World Intellectual Property Day)


Read Proverbs 19:18-20.

MEMORISE: Listen to counsel and  receive instruction that you may be wise in your latter days (Proverbs 19:20).


The secret of living wisely and well is to listen to counsel and to receive instruction. These two things, counsel (advice) and instruction, should not be taken for granted if you desire to live wisely and well for the rest of your life. Tell me someone who will remain wise all his life, I will show you a  person who makes it a point of duty to listen to the godly advice of others, especially from the elderly, and constantly receive instruction in appropriate quarters. This is not godfatherism: There are God-sent mentors/elders.

No matter how wise and experienced you are, you still need the advice of others. It is a sign of foolishness to jettison advice from other people (Prov. 22:15). Why do we need to heee the godly counsel of others?! We are in  need of it to tap from other people’s wisdom, especially those who are more experienced and spiritually mature than us. Whatever you want to do, there are people who know more than you. If you are full of yourself, thinking that you know it all, you are the most foolish person on the earth (cf. 15:22; 20:18  Prov. 24:6).

However, we must be flexible enough to receive instruction continually in order to live our lives wisely and well for the rest of our lives. If you hate  instruction, your life is in danger. The degree of instruction you have  you have received the determines the level of knowledge you acquire in life (Prov. 12:1). Godly instruction properly followed makes one wise (Prov. 8:33). The Bible is the book of instruction for us to follow to live a normal and  safe life. Apart from the Bible instruction which is general, you must be able to recognize those instructions God gives to you directly through appropriate quarters, like your spiritual leaders and your biological parents (Prov. 1:8; 6:20; Heb. 13:7, 17).


1. Lord, help me not to be full of myself, in order to learn from other people.

2. Lord, give me the ear to listen to Your instruction and capacity to do them.

3. Lord, help both the government and the academia to be more concerned with Intellectual Property, so as to reduce Intellectual thievery to be barest minimum.

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY: I Samuel 7:8 – 10:5; Luke 17:24 – 18:8.

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