June 23, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – USE YOUR ADVANTAGE FOR GOD.

By | June 22, 2021

June 23, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – USE YOUR ADVANTAGE FOR GOD.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

(United Nations Public Service Day & International Widow’s Day)


Read I Samuel 9:1-6

MEMORISE: At Joppa there was a certain disciple named Tabitha which is translated Dorcas. This woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which she did (Acts. 9:36).


Bible records that Saul was a handsome tall man. His shoulder taller than other men of his time. When there was a need for a king over God’s people, He was chosen by God. He was the son of a  wealthy man of Benjamin Kish and was an outstanding man who was fit for the specification – God – but God does not only use the giant, He as well uses the small David.

Everyone is designed by God for something, only be available. Though, Saul was a giant, he humbly obeyed the instruction of his father; he was not an arrogant man. Who are you? Saul knew the importance and value of the “all-purpose animal” called donkey and he went in search for it.

Prophet Samuel used his office as the spiritual and political leader of Israel to influence the people for God. He tenderly led them and showed them Yahweh, just as Prophet Moses and Joshua had done. David, was a young man who was instrumental to the freedom of his people from the terrifying Philistine. What is it that you are so good in doing? Are you talented? How are you influencing people with your talent? How many have you influencing for God? As an educationists, what have you done with what you know?

Dorcas was a seamstress; her profession was beneficial to so many people around her. Joseph, as an interpreter of dreams, solved major puzzles with his talent/gift. Apostle Paul, a lawyer, used his prowess to write the Epistles we all read today. Prophet Elijah helped the widow of the son of the prophet to settle her debt, set her family free from their creditor and helped them with livelihood. Abraham, so to say, made Lot. Paul made Timothy; David helped his son, Solomon, to be a great king after him.

When you leave this office how, and for what will people remember you? How many will you life?.


1. Lord, I receive the grace to benefit others with all You have deposited in me. I will be a source of blessing to my generation in Jesus’name.

2. Pray that God will visit the homes where there are chaos and calm the trouble and stormy seas.

3. Pray that God will help our political leaders to fulfil the reason for which they have been elected into office

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY: I Chr. 25:3 – 27:2; Acts. 2:2 – 2:23.

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