June 4, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – CHRIST’S JUNIORS (II)

By | June 4, 2021

June 4, 2021 CAC Living Water Devotional : Topic – CHRIST’S JUNIORS (II)

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Friday, June 4, 2021 – International Day for innocent children Victims of Aggression


Read: Hebrews 2:5-18

Hebrews 2:5-18 For it was not to angels that God subjected the habitable world of the future, of which we are speaking.

It has been solemnly and earnestly said in a certain place, What is man that You are mindful of him, or the son of man that You graciously and helpfully care for and visit and look after him?

For some little time You have ranked him lower than and inferior to the angels; You have crowned him with glory and honor and set him over the works of Your hands,

For You have put everything in subjection under his feet. Now in putting everything in subjection to man, He left nothing outside [of man’s] control. But at present we do not yet see all things subjected to him [man].

But we are able to see Jesus, Who was ranked lower than the angels for a little while, crowned with glory and honor because of His having suffered death, in order that by the grace (unmerited favor) of God [to us sinners] He might experience death for every individual person.

For it was an act worthy [of God] and fitting [to the divine nature] that He, for Whose sake and by Whom all things have their existence, in bringing many sons into glory, should make the Pioneer of their salvation perfect [should bring to maturity the human experience necessary to be perfectly equipped for His office as High Priest] through suffering.

For both He Who sanctifies [making men holy] and those who are sanctified all have one [Father]. For this reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren;

For He says, I will declare Your [the Father’s] name to My brethren; in the midst of the [worshiping] congregation I will sing hymns of praise to You.

And again He says, My trust and assured reliance and confident hope shall be fixed in Him. And yet again, Here I am, I and the children whom God has given Me.

Since, therefore, [these His] children share in flesh and blood [in the physical nature of human beings], He [Himself] in a similar manner partook of the same [nature], that by [going through] death He might bring to nought and make of no effect him who had the power of death—that is, the devil—

And also that He might deliver and completely set free all those who through the [haunting] fear of death were held in bondage throughout the whole course of their lives.

For, as we all know, He [Christ] did not take hold of angels [the fallen angels, to give them a helping and delivering hand], but He did take hold of [the fallen] descendants of Abraham [to reach out to them a helping and delivering hand].

So it is evident that it was essential that He be made like His brethren in every respect, in order that He might become a merciful (sympathetic) and faithful High Priest in the things related to God, to make atonement and propitiation for the people’s sins.

For because He Himself [in His humanity] has suffered in being tempted (tested and tried), He is able [immediately] to run to the cry of (assist, relieve) those who are being tempted and tested and tried [and who therefore are being exposed to suffering].


And again He says, My trust and assured reliance and confident hope shall be fixed in Him. And yet again, Here I am, I and the children whom God has given Me. (Hebrews 2:13)


The challenges of our time are enormous. It is the same as the irony of the cat running away from the mouse. True value plus valour seems to be on the retreat. Almost the same situation brought about the Maccabees to the religious and political scenes of intertestamental Jews, during Antiochus IV Epiphanes abominable reign and madness.

A song says: “In the warfare that is raging, for the truth and for the right; when the warfare fierce is raging, with the powers of the night; God needs workers-brave and true: May the Lord depend on You!” God needs workers for the end-time challenges! Workers who are sons and not kids, who have known and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and have been called according to the same noble and eternal purpose. These are bearers of the Ark of Covenant,i.e. the divine presence of God. These are those co-dwelling with the Consuming Fire (Isa.33:10-14ff; Heb.12:29).

These shall be mobile …ready To Go to ALL the world; not resistant to divine calls and transfer as ministers. They will have been endowed with the power to overcome the Dragon. They will be so United in Christ to be able to confront and overcome our archenemy. They are not lobbying for positions and promotions. Finally, they shall be seen and known in manners to be quite naturally but supernatural sound and strong.

Dare to be like Jesus! The song writer says, “I want to be like Jesus, So lowly and so meek, For no one marked an angry word, That ever heard him speak”. Our God is watching and waiting! May we be found dependable by God’s assessment. Amen.


1. Let Your kingdom come, O Lord, and let your Will be done in us and our generations.

2. Make me a candidate of end-time glory, for and to Your glory, my Father and God.

3. Every root of corruption, we command you to die in us, in Jesus mighty name.

Extra READING FOR TODAY: 2 Kings 12:2 – 14:18, John 11:10 – 11:31

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