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OCTOBER 23, 2022 : WEEK 4


HYMN: BH 407 -Loyalty to Christ

Lecture, Question & Answer

PRIMARY LEARNING OUTCOME AND INDICATORS: Disciples learn the qualities of political office holders that God approve indicate this by: Daniel 2:24-25,44-49

i. Identifying qualities that God expects in political office holders;

ii. Evaluating how much they have fared as politicians by God’s standard;

iii. Making commitment on how to please God and how they can help other political office holders to meet divine expectation.

Is it possible to be in politics and not compromise our Christian faith? If yes, mention 2 or 3 contemporary people who have served and did not soil their garments in spite of the dirtiness in politics.

Facilitator’s Opening Remarks
It is expedient to note that God’s expectation from political office holders are the same as required from Christians in every position of leadership in the home, school, community, organisation, church or government parastatals. The leadership styles of the likes of Joseph, Daniel and Esther are common biblical examples that contemporary believers could emulate in order to please God who they represent as ambassadors on earth.


A.God’s Expectation from the Person Holding Political Office
God expects Christians holding political office, whether elected or selected, to be diligent in carrying out their leadership responsibilities (Romans 12:8b). Leadership or governance requires working round the clock to serve and meet the needs of people. Joseph was not idle as a ‘prime minister’ in Egypt but was involved in the daily sales of grains. He had no record of corruption and misappropriation. Hence, people holding political office must be men and women of integrity; they should also be pragmatic, visionary and strategic in all their promises, plans, procedures and projects. Following due process in enlisting people of integrity in governance (ruling cabinet) like Daniel did, is also a desirable expectation from God’s people in politics. Political office holders must always remember that they are God’s ambassadors in governance and should take necessary risk like Esther to ensure the security of life and properties of the citizenry and their social welfare. Such exemplary lifestyle will ultimately influence ungodly politicians as the Christian politicians stand out and record more landmark achievements.

Sharing Time: How can a Christian preserve his faith and future simultaneously and meet with God’s expectation in spite of the numerous socio-political and economic challenges in Nigeria?

B. God’s Expectation from Christians in Political
Position/Regime God expects Christians in politics to be responsible, responsive and respectable in all their dealings or tasks. A responsible leader in politics will be selfless in serving the people and be willing to take risks in order to solve recurring problems of the citizenry. Acceptable attitudes of selflessness, sacrificial commitment and problem solving were seen in Queen Esther, who dared the king in order to save her people. The likes of Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah and Kenneth Kaunda are few African leaders who have demonstrated some of such attitudes. They do not just mark time in office but leave enduring legacies (including bills and governing policies) for the citizens. The prospects and achievements are not to be carried out at the expense of the people’s welfare. In situations where someone is voted based on a promise to a people group or geographical area, Christian politicians should be responsive and approachable ensuring that they fulfil their promises. Truthfulness as against ungodly diplomacy and promise keeping should be the marks of Christians in political position. Where there are circumstances beyond their control and would not enable them fulfil certain campaign promises (which should have been made realistically), their integrity and truthfulness will certainly speak for them. Responsible representation of the needs of people in their constituency without tribalism or nepotism will make them earn the respect of their constituents.

Sharing Time: To what extent should a Christian in political position practise diplomacy. What are the pros and cons of diplomacy?

C. God’s Expectation from Political Office Holders as Regards their Relationship with the People Being Led.
Political office holders should not forget the people who voted them into wer, especially fellow Christians. They should be accessible to people, hile they live in their quartres/mansions far away from the populace, should intentionally come to their base (grass root) regularly to russ with the masses. They should have listening ears and be friendly th them, bringing necessary opportunities of employment or mpowerment to them. They should also be firm in their godly decisions thout making ungodly compromise with their superiors or ubordinates. They can hold regular town hall meetings with them, nvite the grass root leaders for regular feedback, establish empowerment centres and meet basic needs of the people directly. They should facilitate provision of infrastructure to the people they represent and fulfil the promises made before election. They should be fair in sharing resources and opportunities and in giving people of integrity positions such as personal assistants, board chairmen and other appointments of heads of parastatals.

Sharing Time: What should a Christian do in situations where an alliance with a political party perceived to be rooted in occultism or people of questionable character or intention seems to be the only way or him/her to win an election or get a position?

Facilitator’s Closing Remarks
If Christians will make a difference in the political scene, they must acknowledge that they are not only responsible and accountable to the people who elect them into office but ultimately to God. Hence, there is need to serve with the fear of God and absolute commitment to keep their promises to the people they govern. The dividend of democracy should be equally shared to people by Christians who occupy political positions.

Prayer: Pray that people in political positions will serve the people with the fear of God and commitment to keep their promises in Jesus’ name.

Post Group Activity
Christians that are currently in leadership position+ as entrepreneur, in a small company, church or Christian organisation should call faithful and truthful colleagues/subordinates together to evaluate their attitudes, qualities and relationship with other subordinates and superiors. Make conscious efforts to work on the identified areas of weakness.

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