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October 10, 2021


Devotional Reading:

Background Scripture reading: Psalm 9; Ecclesiastes 3:16-22

Lesson Scripture reading: Psalm 9:1-12

Golden Text: He will judge the world in righteousness; he will govern the people with justice. Psalm 9:8

By the end of the lesson, class members should be able to:

▪︎ State some attributes of God, according to the passage;

▪︎ ldentify some kinds of injustice that exist in the world today;

▪︎ Make personal commitment to be advocates of justice and righteousness.


Recently, a woman was miraculously rescued from the hands of kidnappers without paying any ransom or sustaining any injury. Having been isolated for some days in the forest with her kidnappers, her joy was full when she eventually reunited with her family. The following Sunday, the pastor specially invited her to share her experiences and the testimony of her escape. Beaming with smile, the woman and her family members trooped to the aisle and danced toward the pulpit singing songs of praise and victory to God using Psalm 9. In her joyful mood, she repeatedly read verses 2 and 3 saying, “I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, 0 Most High. My enemies turn back; they stumble and perish before you.”

Today’s lesson is a call by the psalmist to praise and thank God for His justice and
righteousness. In this world of sin and all kinds of wicked activities, God still remains righteous and executes right judgment as His attributes. According to David, God’s righteousness has brought defeat to His enemies as well as protection for His oppressed people. God has not changed. The justice He promised to His people in the past is still available for contemporary Christians, especially those who trust in Him.


A. Thanksgiving for God’s Victory Psalm 9:1-6

Whenever God’s people enjoy God’s favour and saving acts, there is usually an outburst of praise and jubilation. This psalm was written by King David in response to God’s victory over his enemies and God’s righteous rule that brings defeat to the wicked. He begins with an expression of thanksgiving from his heart to the Lord and a declaration to proclaim God’s wonderful works (God’s saving acts on behalf of His people). In verses 3-5, he clearly stated his reasons for the outburst of praise. He said:

▪︎ The enemies turned back when God appeared and they fell down and died. After all, no one can withstand God in battle. ▪︎God’s fairness and honest judgments against the enemies. Fairness and righteousness are God’s attributes, which He displayed in the life of David. ▪︎God’s judgment in his favour.
▪︎ God condemned the heathen and destroyed the wicked by His divine power. So, they will not be remembered anymore. In other words, they are completely forgotten. It is obvious that King David was surrounded by enemies probably the pagans who were regarded as Israel’s enemies because they did not worship the God of Israel. Humankind is bound to face challenges in life, which vary from one individual to another.
However, David’s testimony in today’s passage is a confirmation that God knows our challenges and He is ready to fight on our behalf, especially for those who trust in Him. Therefore, whenever God gives us victory, we should respond in thanksgiving and praise to Him. After all, God is fair and righteous in His judgments. David saw his victory over his enemies as God’s vindication of his action. This implies that God does not show partiality, particularly in dealing with the wicked and favouring His people.

Discussion Time 1

1. List the attributes of God, according to the passage.

2. If we are truly convinced thdt God can fight our bottles, why then do some people pray for the destruction of their enemies?

B. God’s Perfect Justice Psalm 9:6-12

While King David pronounced the total destruction of the enemies and how they are forgotten forever (v. 6), he also declared God’s perfect justice. From verse 7, he
acknowledged some characteristics of God. He said:

▪︎ He reigns forever and He has established His throne for judgment.
▪︎He will judge the world in
righteousness and govern the people with justice.
▪︎He will protect the oppressed and provide a place of safety for them.
▪︎Those who know God will trust Him and they will not be forsaken.
▪︎God remembers those who suffer.
▪︎ He does not forget their cry but punishes those who do them wrong.
▪︎This is to further prove God’s love for the oppressed and foreigners.

Based on these attributes of God, David encouraged the people to sing praise to the Lord who is enthroned in Zion. He also admonished them to proclaim to the nations the wonderful works that God has done. Today, our world is plagued by injustice, oppression and all kinds of callousness towards one another. Particularly, the poor and the widow are oppressed; some are persecuted as a result of their faith in Christ Jesus. However, even though it seems as if some of these injustices have persisted, David expressed that God is our avenger and an unassailable fortress th
always fight for the voiceless (v. 9). He will not abandon those who trust in Him in time of trouble neither will He forget their cry. This should serve as encouragement to those who are being oppressed, afflicted and cheated. They should rejoice because God will surely punish evildoers and reign with justice and righteousness (Psalm 96:13).

Discussion Time 2

i. What are the greatest injustice we see today in the world and what is the hope of believers in Christ?

2. Discuss the importance of verse 12 to Christians, especially those who are being persecuted for their faith.

Fellowship and Ministry Building Activity

.▪︎Make a list of what is considered the five greatest injustices in the world today and suggest at least one practical way that they can be addressed.

▪︎Identify some causes of injustice and their consequences on humanity.

Take Home
▪︎ Christians should learn to praise God and tell of His wonderful works to other nations.
▪︎ God will surely punish every form of evil.
▪︎The so-called powerful should not oppress the weak and poor.
▪︎God is God ofjustice.
▪︎God is fair and just in His judgments. He loves the poor and listens to their cry.

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