August 24, 2020 Spirit Meat Devotional :- THE PROSPEROUS MAN (I) – PSALMS 1:1-3

By | August 24, 2020

August 24, 2020 Spirit Meat Devotional :- THE PROSPEROUS MAN (I) – PSALMS 1:1-3

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One major demonstration of the blessings of God over a man is prosperity. It takes a blessed man to be prosperous. There is a working of the Holy Ghost over a blessed man to make all that he does to prosper.

When people think about prosperity, they immediately think about money alone. Money is the least dimension of the operation of the Spirit of prosperity, and if all you are looking and gunning for is money, you may miss all that God has in mind for you. You can have some amount of money without prospering. In fact, you can have a lot of money without prospering. However, you may not have physical cash and be very prosperous.

For everything God reveals to you about your future, you already have an example to follow in handling anything you will ever confront. There is already an example for you to follow and learn from. God will not use you as an example for any of His marvellous acts.

As a believer, if you are a stranger in a land and they told you that strangers do not prosper in the land, don’t mind them because you already have an example in Joseph who prospered in a strange land. Joseph was not only a stranger, but he was a slave that eventually became a Prime Minister. If that was possible for Joseph through God, how then can your case be impossible for God?

PRAYER: I am the planting of the Lord, I am here to stay, I am here to glow, I am here to grow, I am here to flourish and I am here to break forth in Jesus name. Amen!

BIBLE IN A YEAR: Job 12:1-15:35, 1 Corinthians 15:29-58, Psalm 39:1-13, Proverbs 21:30-31

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