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DATE: JULY 7TH, 2021
ANCHORED SCRIPTURES: 1 Samuel 17:42-44, 2 Samuel 5:21


Does Goliath have a voice? Yes. Is there anything in our world representing Goliath today? Yes. Do we gain anything by not silencing them; you are in danger if you keep quiet.

A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Something is about to happen to someone tonight that will shock your friends and surprise your enemies.

===> I see a sister here, that voice of domestic Goliath prophesying evil on your life and your marriage is silenced forever in the name of Jesus.

1 Samuel 17:42: He said “what is this handsome little boy doing at the war front? People who come here to fight are not handsome people; they are rugged people with weather beaten faces.”

Here was a fair and very handsome young man coming to the war front.

===> (Shout a seven-fold Amen) Just like David here, may the Lord make you a mysterious wonder, a divine phenomenon in the name of Jesus!

By that singular statement David made (verse 45), David had finished Goliath. “You come here cursing me, raining your incantation in the name of your god. But I come against you in the name of the Lord of Hosts”.

Beloveth, voices of Goliath are becoming very rampant these days and they occur in every facet of life. You find people on the streets talking like Goliath.

You find people in the hospital, on social media, in the newspapers talking like Goliath. You find many so-called prophets talking like Goliath.

The voices of Goliath beloveth are voices of satanists, occultists, witches and wizards, familiar spirits, diviners, sorcerers, enchanters, observers of time, voices backed up by satanic anointing.

Voices uttered from tongues that have been soaked in charms, in magic. Voices cursing you in the name of their idols. You learn quite a lot from here.

Goliath came to that warfront and although he had the weapons that he carried physically, from his statement, he also came with spiritual power.

There is a battle on beloveth. The Bible tells us that David said here to Goliath “but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of Hosts” meaning “but I come to you in the name of the God of battles”.

===> May the God of battles fight your battles in the name of Jesus

The Bible tells us that God is a Man of War and it is important for us to understand that if God is a Man of War, we His children cannot afford to be civilians.

The worst thing that can happen to anybody who is in the middle of a battle is not to be aware that there is a battle on. It is a terrible thing indeed.

Even if you do not believe that you are in a battle, like some people come to counselling room and cry “what have I done to these people? What is my offence?”

I say “you do not need to offend anybody. That is why the Bible calls them the wicked.” So even if you do not believe you are in a battle, war has been declared against you.

When a man is inside a battle and he is not aware that he is inside a battle, he dies cheaply as a casualty of that battle. It is important for you to realise that you are in a battle and you must fight everyday.

Whether you are interested or not. Whether or not you feel concerned. The battle goes on anyway. The battle does not need your permission, awareness; infact the more unaware you are, the better.

The battle does not want to know whether you want to fight or not. There is no neutral ground in this matter; the battle line is drawn.

The battle is between:

  • light and darkness
  • Right and wrong
  • Good and evil
  • Righteous and unrighteousness
  • The circumcised and the uncircumcised.
  • The mighty Man of War and the god of this world.

When you as a believer are moving without battle consciousness, you die like chicken, a casualty. To live in this world and say there is no battle to fight is to end up as a mess.

Even long long time ago in the Bible, the Philistines were conscious of their battles but unfortunately Samson was not conscious.

They did several incantations and invocations to arrest the destiny of Samson but this man kept jumping from place to place saying “I am anointed” but without battle consciousness.

When they eventually got Samson to their grinding mill, do you know the first thing they did? They held a big thanksgiving to their god. The gods who have been consulting on how to deliver Samson to their hands.

===> (Shout a tenfold amen) Every oracle, diviner, sorcerer consulting against your destiny, may their oracle trouble them in the name of Jesus!

The Bible says they celebrated and jubilated for capturing Samson; that their god had delivered him into their hands. So, the dark powers are aware that there is a battle.

The dark powers, sorcerers, diviners, witchcraft powers, principalities and powers are aware that there is a battle. The occultists are aware that there is a battle but the challenge is that many believers are not aware.

They want to do business as usual and this is a very very serious matter. There are battles around us and the enemy can go to any level to capture a man of destiny.

===> I am praying for all the young people that are here that may the enemy not make you mad! May you not embrace your enemies.

===> May you not in the name of excitement or few minutes of enjoyment, lose your God-ordained destiny in the name of Jesus!

In 2 Samuel 5:17, When the Philistines heard that David had been promoted, they went after him. If there is oil on your head, oil of the anointing, oil of greatness, oil of celebration, the Philistines will look for you.

If it is God of heaven that anointed you one way or the other, the Philistines will look for you. You do not have to offend them.

They did not look for David when the anointing oil did not land on his head. Everybody left him alone as long as he was he was normal like the rest.

But the moment the oil landed on his head, the enemy began to pursue him. So for those who are looking for higher anointing, they are asking for higher battle.

For those who are looking for higher mantles, they are looking for higher battle. When the Philistines finally came to that battle, they did not come only with spears, axes and chariots. They came with their images.

So the Philistines understood spiritual power. They did not only come with physical weapons, they came with their fetish powers to the war front. They came with their satanic powers.

You think a battle is just gun and knife, but no, these ones came with their charms, images and altars to the battle. You are dealing with them in the physical but they are dealing with you in the spiritual.

So you see that things do not look as normal as they are. David approached Goliath innocently but Goliath came diabolically.

Goliath in that battle cursed David by his gods. So indirectly he was saying “I have not come to this war front by my power”. He was taking the battle to the supernatural.
Because Goliath was looking at this small boy. He did not know what this boy was packaged with. For this boy to just come like this, there must be some powers backing him up.

So the people in the kingdom of darkness are fully aware of what is going on. All the witches, witchdoctors in town are fully aware of what is going on.

So when you are busy snoring your time away or you are eating about in parties, there are spiritual projects going on against you.

Not that you are to be frightened, but you are only to wake up because the powers of light are more superior than the powers of darkness anytime, any day, anywhere.

Some people listening to me this evening, what is happening to you? It is from the altar in your village, your place of birth.

Many of you are here or anywhere in the world praying, trying to get breakthroughs. But right there in your village where you come from, there is an old man/woman taking your name to a satanic altar every now and then.

Saying “idol, do not forget my children in America. Do not forget my children in Lagos”. You are there trying to pray prayers but they are circulating your name before idols.

Only you can address these altars and voices. So the purpose of tonight’s prayer meeting is to violently silence all Goliath voices speaking against you.

God told Gideon “although I have anointed you to do wonderful works as a mighty man of valour, you must go back to your father’s house.”

“There is an altar in your father’s house that will surely prevent you from reaching your destiny. Go and deal with that altar.

“Although I have anointed you, but that altar will not keep quiet. Go and silence it”.

===> I am praying for anyone here, every altar of your father’s house speaking against your elevation, I silence them in the name of Jesus!

Beloveth, whether we like it or not, there is a battle on for the control of family, community, nations and territories. You need to go and fight.

You need to disallow the enemies from controlling families, communities, nations and territories. So we must declare war constantly against them.

When we pray at vigils, we must declare war against them. We must command the air to resist spiritual killers and kidnappers. We must command the ground to swallow armed robbers and kidnappers.

They said about 100 people die everyday. That is, on the average, about 2 people die per second. Since we have been here now, imagine the number of people who have died and gone to hell fire.

There is a battle for the souls of men and we need to wake up. God wants to use us to silence these Goliath voices.

That is why that passage in Jeremiah says “thou art my battle axe and my weapon of war”. So do not see yourself as a person anymore. See yourself as a weapon.

See yourself as a general purpose spiritual machine gun, as an artillery tanker, a rifle, a fighter aircraft. The aim of the devil is to undermine the oil on your head.

He wants to commonise what God wants to do in your life. This evening, we have prayers to pray. Let me just give you a short introduction of what the prayers are about.

Plenty of prayers to pray in a few minutes but each of the prayers silences the voices of Goliaths.

===> Every Goliath of your father’s house, of your mother’s house, of your place of work, of your business place, in your school speaking against you, we silence them forever in the name of Jesus!


  1. O God arise, enter into my waters and stir the waters in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every witchcraft connected to my roots, die in the name of Jesus!
  3. Messenger of sickness in my body, die in the name of Jesus.
  4. Thou power of leaking pockets, die in the name of Jesus.
  5. Belly of evil birds keeping my star, burst by fire in the name of Jesus!
  6. Powers assigned to donate my blood to the coven, donate your own blood in the name of Jesus!
  7. Every monster from the marine kingdom harassing my destiny, O God arise and tear them to pieces in the name of Jesus!
  8. Every enemy going from shrine to shrine to report me, be wasted in the name of Jesus!
  9. Powers of Goliath assigned to kill my laughter, die in the name of Jesus.
  10. Voices of Goliath speaking against my destiny, what are you waiting for? Die in the name of Jesus!
  11. Incantations of wicked elders assigned to make my glory expire, backfire in the name of Jesus!
  12. Powers working hard to spoil my tomorrow, you are liars, die in the name of Jesus!

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