Our Daily Bread Devotional For January 6, 2023 : Topic – Made for Adventure

By | January 7, 2023

Our Daily Bread Devotional For January 6, 2023 : Topic – Made for Adventure

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Bible in a Year:

Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it : Genesis 1:28

Today’s Scripture : Genesis 1:21–28


Scripture declares that God created all things. The Hebrew verb bara’, rendered created in Genesis 1, always has Him as the subject. Thus, God first created everything out of nothing (v. 1) and then created living beings from this created material (vv. 21, 27). Job 38–41 is without parallel in its depiction of the creative genius of God Almighty. With jaw-dropping brilliance, God gave Job a crash-course in things created and on display in the heavens, the earth, and seas—leading him to humbled silence (40:4–5; 42:5–6).

By: Arthur Jackson

Message : I recently made a wonderful discovery. Following a dirt path into a cluster of trees near my home, I found a hidden homemade playground. A ladder made of sticks led up to a lookout, swings made from old cable spools hung from branches, and there was even a suspension bridge slung between boughs. Someone had turned some old wood and rope into a creative adventure!

Swiss physician Paul Tournier believed that we were made for adventure because we’re made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26–27). Just as God ventured forth to invent a universe (vv. 1–25), just as He took the risk of creating humans who could choose good or evil (3:5–6), and just as He called us to “be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” (1:28), we too have a drive to invent, take risks, and create new things as we fruitfully rule the earth. Such adventures may be large or small, but they’re best when they benefit others. I bet the makers of that playground would get a kick out of people finding and enjoying it.

Whether it’s inventing new music, exploring new forms of evangelism, or rekindling a marriage that’s grown distant, adventures of all kinds keep our heart beating. What new task or project is tugging at you right now? Perhaps God is leading you to a new adventure.

By:  Sheridan Voysey

Reflect & Pray

How else do you see God being adventurous in Scripture? How can His adventures inspire our own?

Adventurous God, send me on a new adventure out of love for You and others!

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