Anglican Bible study – STUDY 50, DECEMBER 25, 2022 : Topic – The eternal bliss of a new Heaven and a new earth

By | December 25, 2022
Anglican Bible study – STUDY 52, DECEMBER 25, 2022, CHRISTMAS DAY DECEMBER 25 2022
SUB-THEME: The eternal reign with God- 3
TOPIC: The eternal bliss of a new Heaven and a new earth
TEXTS: Rev 21:1-7.
MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 72:7 “In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth”.


i. to define eternal bliss in the context of a new heaven and earth
ii. to expose the qualified and unqualified to enjoy this bliss and
iii. to discuss the fate of the righteous and unrighteous.
We thank God for another Christmas. May God spare our lives to celebrate more on earth in Jesus’ name. Let us all take note that there is a difference between Christmas as the celebration of Christ’s first coming into the world and “Xmas” which is simply the removal of the name of Christ whose birthday is being celebrated.
“Bliss” simply means, “perfect happiness, great joy, a state of continuous gladness, a state of no regret, no failure, no sadness, no weeping, no intimidation and no fear of death”. This will be eternal state of all believers at the end of this wretched world, when judgment will have separated the wicked and unrighteous from the godly and righteous believers in Christ.
1. Explain in detail the meaning of eternal bliss in the context of the text today. (Rev 21:4) Ref: Rev 7:13-17,
2a. Who are those qualified to enjoy eternal bliss with God? Rev 7:14, 21:7
2b. Who are the unqualified to enjoy this eternal bliss with God? Rev 21:8.
3. Explain what you understand by “the fearful” in Rev 21:8. Answer with reference to Matt 10:28; John 12:42-43. Why should the fearful not inherit eternal bliss?
4. What is the greatest distinction between earthly ruler and Christ our Lord who will reign eternally? Reflect on Psalm 72: 7
Our Lord Jesus Christ had come once to die for our sins. He is coming back to judge the living and the dead after which He will reign eternally and the righteous shall flourish with abundance of peace.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Strive more for eternal bliss than temporary enjoyment!

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