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THEME: Some Characters WHO GROW in the Grace and KNOWLEDGE
January to June, 2023
Unit Two: Spiritual Growth Before Christ Came
April 23, 2023
And the child grew in stature, and in favour both with the LORD and men (1 Samuel 2:26).
God’s grace manifest greatly in the era of the Judges. Deborah is a positive example of those of them who knew and grew in YAHWEH, manifesting His grace in special ways.
April 23: II. SAMSON: A VERY BAD EXAMPLE (Judges 13-16).
God’s grace can locate anyone, from anywhere, for the divine purposes that we are all created for, and God’s grace is available to fulfill these. However, this grace must not be abused or misappropriated, like Samson did, and became a bad reference.
So the woman bore a son and called his name Samson; and the child grew, and the LORD blessed him (13:24).
Let’s break it down
Judges 13:1. The Philistines lived on the west side of Canaan, along the Mediterranean seacoast. From Samson’s day until the time of David they were the major enemy force in the land and a constant threat to Israel. The Philistines were fierce warriors; they had the advantage over Israel in numbers, tactical expertise, and technology. They knew the secret of making weapons out of iron (1 Samuel 13:19-22). But none of that mattered when God was fighting for Israel.
13:1ff: Once again the cycle of sin, judgment and repentance began (3:8,9,14,15; 4:1-6:1-14; 10:6-11:11). The Israelites would not turn to God unless they had been stunned by suffering, oppression, and death. This suffering was not caused by God, but resulted from the fact that the people ignored God, their Judge and Ruler. What will it take for you to follow God? The warnings in God’s Word are clear: If we continue to harden our hearts against God, we can expect the same fate as Israel.
13:5: Samson was to be a Nazrite—-a person who took a vow to be set apart for God’s service. Samson’s parents made the vow for him. A Nazrite vow was sometimes temporary, but in Samson’s case, it was for life. As a Nazrite, Samson could not cut his hair, touch a dead body, or drink anything containing alcohol.
Although Samson often used poor judgment and sinned terribly, he accomplished much when determined to be set apart for God. In this way he was like the nation Israel. As long as the Israelites remained set apart for God, the nation thrived. But they fell into terrible sin when they ignored God.
13:25: Samson’s tribe, Dan, continued to wander in their inherited land (18:1), which was yet unconquered (Joshua 19:47,48). Samson must have grown up with his warlike tribe’s yearnings for a permanent and settled territory. Thus, his visits to the tribal army camp stirred his heart, and God’s Spirit began preparing him for his role as judge and leader against the Philistines.
Perhaps there are things that stir your heart. These may indicate areas where God wants to use you. God uses a variety of means to develop and prepare us: hereditary traits, environmental influences, and personal experiences. As with Samson, this preparation often begins long before adulthood. Work at being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and the tasks God has prepared for you. Your past may be more useful to you than you imagine.
14:3: Samson’s parents objected to his marrying the Philistine woman for several reasons:
1. It was against God’s law – Exodus 34:15-17; Deuteronomy 7:1-4). A stark example of what happened when the Israelites married pagans can be found in 3:5-7.
2. The Philistines were Israel’s greatest enemies. Marriage to a hated Philistine would be a disgrace to Samson’s family. But Samson’s father gave in to Samson’s demand and allowed the marriage, even though he had the right to refuse his son.
No matter the higher level of God’s anointing upon your life, if you marry a wrong wife/husband, your failure is 90% Guarantee.
Some minster carry grace to go far (international), but could not go beyond their family and street. Wrong marriage will affect all.
It was a pity that we all read and feel sorry for the great mistakes made by past leaders in the Bible and in our generation but most of us never discipline ourselves not do commit same mistake.
Majority of our youth are like Samson, they want to married by sight not according to God’s leading again. No one is ready to seek God’s face, no fasting and Prayer they just believe in beauty not minding or thinking of possible unwanted future situations. Sex before marriage has become norm even among christians. No more counseling once you have your money you can go to registry and event Center. Let’s think about our future as youth. What God has deposited in us is greater and powerful that what we handle with on care attitude.
Most of ministers are regretting today for taking a wrong partner. They are dying inside but smiling on the altar. May we not be a bad example in Jesus name. Amen
We all believe we carry God’s grace but we don’t really understand the real grace we need to know. Grace is not Insurance that insured you to do anything without following God’s divine principles and guidance for living.
B. HIGHLY ABUSES GOD’S GRACE (14:1-3; 16:1-13)
Afterward it happened that he loved a woman in the Valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah (16:4).
The Philistines were ruled by five rulers, not just one. Each ruler ruled from different city–Ashod, Ashkelon, Ekron, Gath, or Gaza. Each of these cities was an important center for trade and commerce. Given Delilah’s character, it is little wonder that she betrayed Samson when these rich and powerful men paid her a personal visit.
16:15: Samson was deceived because he wanted to believe Delilah’s lies. Although he could strangle a lion, he could not smother his burning lust and see Delilah for who she really was. How can you keep your desire for love and sexual pleasure from deceiving you?
1. You must decide what kind of a person will love before passion takes over. Determine whether a person’s character and faith in God are as desirable as his or her physical appearance.
2. Because most of the time you spend with your spouse will not involve sex, your companion’s personality, temperament, and commitment to solve problems must be as gratifying as his or her kisses.
3. Be patient. Time and observation often reveal what is beneath the pleasant appearance and attention touch.
True love does not start with hug, kiss, slipping in same room, eating together, sex, going for shopping, meeting your parents. It start with God. Submit your will and God will reveal His will. Jeremiah 33:3. No one is qualify to be called your husband/wife until God says YES and after your wedding day.
The biggest trap a strong and powerful man should avoid is under women/men underwear. Once you open it at the wrong time and with wrong person because of lust of the flesh, you have allow your purpose, vision, destiny and divine master plan to be truncated. Avoid it.
16:16,17: Delilah kept asking Samson for the secret of his strength until he finally grew tired of hearing her nagging and gave in. This was the second time that Samson allowed himself to be worn down by constant nagging (14:17). What a pitiful excuse for disobedience. Don’t allow anyone-no matter how attractive, persuasive, or persistent-to talk you into doing wrong.
5mins pleasure can destroyed the journey of destiny for more than 100years. Don’t be the next victim. If your spouse deny you from sex don’t turn to anyone ( alternative is dangerous).
Youth should never take any wrong advice from any friends whose parents does not care about the lives of their children. Don’t sell your glory because of your background or situation of your parents. It is better to drop out of school instead of selling your destiny/glory.
Samson a great man became a slave in the hand of pagans the enemies of God simply because he abuse God’s grace because of sex.
Samson became a bad example because he failed to abide with God’s principle for marriage.
What is good in your sight might not be good for your destiny/glory.
If you abuse God’s grace you will not go free without facing the penalty. Learn from Samson today.
1. The gracious God is always willings to show humans His grace, even when they have done nothing to deserve it.
2. Don’t abuse God’s grace by using it for selfish reasons, because that immediately shows you are a babe.
1. The grace of God transcends human limitation. Discuss.
2. God’s grace is being used for personal gains at various levels. What is the way out?
3. How can we restore those who have abuse God’s grace?
Thank you for joining us today.
May God bless you in Jesus name. Amen

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