Our Daily Bread Devotional For October 14, 2023 : Topic – An Impossible Gift

By | October 14, 2023

Our Daily Bread Devotional For October 14, 2023 : Topic – An Impossible Gift

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Bible in a Year:

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you : John 14:27

Today’s Scripture : John 14:25–31


In John 14, all three members of the Trinity are mentioned, and Jesus is the uniting factor. The Father sends the Spirit in Jesus’ name; the Spirit teaches and reminds the disciples of what Jesus said (v. 26). Jesus leaves His peace with the disciples (v. 27) and does as the Father commands (v. 31). The Father is “greater” than Jesus (v. 28), and Jesus loves Him (v. 31). These verses paint a beautiful picture of how the triune God cares for us: the Father sends the Son (3:16), who gives us peace; the Father sends the Spirit in Jesus’ name, who reminds us of what Christ has said and done.

Message ; I was elated to find the perfect gift for my mother-in-law’s birthday: the bracelet even contained her birthstone! Finding that perfect gift for someone is always an utter delight. But what if the gift the individual needs is beyond our power to give. Many of us wish we could give someone peace of mind, rest, or even patience. If only those could be purchased and wrapped with a bow!

These types of gifts are impossible for one person to give to another. Yet Jesus—God in human flesh—does give those who believe in Him one such “impossible” gift: the gift of peace. Before ascending to heaven and leaving the disciples, Jesus comforted them with the promise of the Holy Spirit: He “will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you” (John 14:26). He offered them peace—His peace—as an enduring, unfailing gift for when their hearts were troubled or when they were experiencing fear. He, Himself, is our peace with God, with others, and within.

We may not have the ability to give our loved ones the extra measure of patience or improved health they desire. Nor is it within our power to give them the peace we all desperately need to bear up under the struggles of life. But we can be led by the Spirit to speak to them about Jesus, the giver and embodiment of true and lasting peace.

By:  Kirsten Holmberg

Reflect & Pray

How has Christ brought peace to your life? Who might you introduce to Him?

Jesus, thank You for the comfort of Your enduring, unfailing peace in my life.

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