Our Daily Bread Devotional For October 9, 2023 : Topic – Slow-Fashioned Grace

By | October 9, 2023

Our Daily Bread Devotional For October 9, 2023 : Topic – Slow-Fashioned Grace

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Bible in a Year:

Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Today’s Scripture : Colossians 3:12–17


Colossians 3:5–11 helps us to see what needs to be “put to death” (v. 5) as believers in Jesus who’ve been united with Christ in His death and resurrection (vv. 1–4). Verses 12–17, however, focus on what needs to be “put on” (v. 14) as His representatives. The standard for our living is the character of Christ as seen in the qualities listed in verses 12–14. The standard for relationships in Jesus’ family is the peace of Christ (v. 15). The standard for instruction, correction, and celebration in community is the word of Christ (v. 16). And the standard for all that we do is to bring honor to the name of Christ (v. 17). When we clothe ourselves in such a way, it’s like wearing garments given by a gracious Father to His beloved children. And perhaps others will desire to know more about such a Father and want Him to be their Father as well.

Message : Have you heard of #slowfashion? The hashtag captures a movement focused on resisting “fast fashion”—an industry dominated by cheaply made and quickly disposed of clothing. In fast fashion, clothes are out of style nearly as quickly as they’re in the stores—with some brands disposing of large quantities of their products every year.

The slow fashion movement encourages people to slow down and take a different approach. Instead of being driven by the need to always have the latest look, slow fashion encourages us to select fewer well-made and ethically sourced items that will last.

As I reflected on #slowfashion’s invitation, I found myself wondering about other ways I fall into a “fast fashion” way of thinking—always looking for fulfillment in the latest trend. In Colossians 3, however, Paul says finding true transformation in Jesus isn’t a quick fix or a fad. It’s a lifetime of quiet, gradual transformation in Christ.

Instead of needing to clothe ourselves with the world’s latest status symbols, we can exchange our striving for the Spirit’s clothing of “compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (v. 12). We can learn patience with each other on the slow journey of Christ transforming our hearts—a journey that leads to lasting peace (v. 15).

By:  Monica La Rose

Reflect & Pray

How are you tempted to find security by keeping up with the latest trends? What helps you find contentment in Jesus?

Dear God, thank You that I can surrender my anxious strivings in exchange for the peace of a quiet walk with You.

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