NBC Sunday School Manual For January 28, 2024 :Topic – USING OUR UNIQUE GIFTS.

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NBC Sunday School Manual For January 28, 2024 :Topic – USING OUR UNIQUE GIFTS.

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Theme for the Month: “LEARNING ABOUT FAITH.”



Devotional Reading: Ezekiel 11:17-21.

Background Scripture: Romans 12:3-8.

Lesson Scripture: Romans 12:3-8.

GOLDEN TEXT: “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Romans 12:6a

By the end of the lesson, class members should be able to:
● Discuss the importance of humility in the use of our gifts;
● List the various spiritual gifts in the passage and discuss how these gifts can be used to grow the church;
● Express their resolve to continually use their gifts for the service of God.

Pastor John Yusuf is a young and dynamic pastor. He graduated from one of our theological institutions and was immediately called to the pastorate of All Saints Baptist Church, as the senior pastor. Pastor John is known to be visionary and passionate about the growth of the church through one-on-one discipleship. He soon discovered that there was dissension in the church, especially among the youths, over the use of their spiritual gifts. While some of the youths were ignorant of their area of giftedness, which was probably the reason they were not committed to the programmes of the church, others were proud and considered themselves more spiritual than others. Having prayed, Pastor John was inspired to teach a series of Bible study lessons on the importance of spiritual gifts and humble service in the body of Christ. Chapter 12 of the book of Romans consists of Paul’s exhortations and instructions to his readers on how Christians are to live the new life, it also consists of matters such as service to God through the use of different gifts, obligations as citizens of the state, tolerance, and acceptable Christian behaviour. He also emphasised Christian service, in view of God’s salvation and mercy in redemption.

The focus of today’s lesson is Paul’s admonition on humble service in the body of Christ, and the use of our spiritual gifts for the purpose of growing the church. According to Paul, identification and the right use of God’s gifts, especially within the body of Christ will go a long way to grow the church and impact the lives of believers, which is the essence of the diverse gifts given to believers in Christ.


[Romans 12:3-5]

Having admonished the Roman Christians on the greatest sacrifice, which is offering their bodies as living sacrifices unto God, he also enjoined them not to conform to the pattern of this world but to allow God to transform them by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:1-2). Thereafter, he encouraged them on the issue of humble service in the body of Christ; he admonished them not to be proud or think of themselves more highly than others. He recommended that they should think of themselves with sober judgment, according to the measure of faith they have received from God (v. 3). Since the power to be humble comes from God, there should be no basis for a superior attitude or self-promotion in the use of their gifts. In verses 4 and 5, he likened the unity of the body of Christ to the different parts of the body that play different roles to keep the body healthy.

Paul’s point of emphasis is that the brethren in Rome should understand that God has given greater measure of faith to some people than others. Therefore, no one should claim superiority over others. According to him, what matters is that they use their different gifts in humility, for the service of God and for the purpose of building the body of Christ (the Church). The admonition is necessary because humans naturally have the tendency to see themselves as more important than others, especially when they know that they are more gifted than others, in their services to God. As believers, when we understand this principle, we will be able to avoid self-exaltation in the use of our gifts. In his first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul also explained the need to accommodate and mutually respect the diversity of our gifts for the growth of the Church (1 Corinthians 12). We should know that all believers form one body in Christ (v. 5), and each one is called to different areas of ministry (service). Whatever our gifts or ministry may be, we should work humbly, diligently, cheerfully, not seeking our own credit but the good of all.

1. Apart from the differences in the use of our spiritual gifts, identify other things that sometimes make some believers feel superior to others.
2. Discuss some ways unity in the body of Christ can be promoted and encouraged.

[Romans 12:6-8]

As Paul continued in his exhortation to the Christians in Rome on their service in the body of Christ, he became definite in verse 6, concerning the use of their spiritual gifts. He encouraged them to use their different gifts cheerfully and for the service of God, whether it is prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, contributing to needs, leading and showing mercy- these gifts are needed in the service of God. Paul made the same appeal, in his letter, to the brethren in Ephesus to make use of their gifts in order to prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up (Ephesians 4:11). The emphasis, however, is that these gifts must be used in humility, with the desire to please God who is the Giver of all gifts.

It is obvious from the passage that God has given every believer different gifts to serve in their various ministries in the church. He likened spiritual gifts to the different parts of the body that function in unity and for the well-being of the entire body. Even though Paul made reference to seven gifts in the passage, there are other spiritual gifts in the Bible (cf. Ephesians 4:11;1 Corinthians 12:4-11) that serve the same purpose for the expansion of God’s kingdom, here on earth. This is the reason every Christian who desires to be relevant in kingdom work must identify and properly use his/her gift to glorify God. This service is expected to be performed with joy and humility; no one should become proud or look down on others because he/she assumes he/she has a more superior gift. All the gifts mentioned in the passage are important and needed for the growth of the body of Christ, just as the different parts of the body are needed for an individual to live a healthy life.

1. How can Christians identify and develop their spiritual gifts?
2. Discuss the different gifts mentioned in the passage and explain how each can be used to serve in the body of Christ.

Fellowship and Ministry Building Activity:
● Let class members identify their gifts, and if possible write the difficulty they encounter in using them maximally, and the joy they feel in using them to the best of their abilities.

Take Home: Write down three lessons you are taking home from today’s lesson?
● __________
● __________
● __________

● Based on today’s lesson, make a personal commitment to remain humble, as you use your spiritual gifts for the growth of the Church.

What a wonderful way to begin the year, learning about faith. I pray that God will help us to live what we teach so that the society will be a better place to live in. I desire to know some facts about the level of your understanding of the lessons throughout the month:
● What are some insights you have about the heroes of faith that will help you to trust God more?
● Which aspect of the lessons interested you most and why?
● How did the Holy Spirit help you to overcome fear recently?
● How did you use your spiritual gift(s) for the growth of your church?

Happy Sunday in Advance.

Remain Inspired & Be Lifted!

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