NBC Sunday School Manual For March – THE RESURRECTION: KEY TO FAITH, March 31, 2024

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NBC Sunday School Manual For March 31, 2024 :Topic – THE RESURRECTION: KEY TO FAITH.

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Theme for the Month: “FAITH-FULL VERSUS FAITH-LESS.”



Devotional Reading: Exodus 14:10-14, 21-23, 26-31.

Background Scripture: Mark 16.

Lesson Scripture: Mark 16:1-8.

GOLDEN TEXT: “’Don’t be alarmed,’ he said. You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here.” Mark 16:6

OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, class members should be able to:
● Narrate how Mary Magdalene and the other women discovered that the tomb where Jesus was buried is empty;
● Discuss how the events around the tomb confirmed the resurrection of Jesus;
● Make a personal commitment to go to their communities to share the good news of the resurrection of Jesus.

INTRODUCTION: The most amazing story or testimony in the history of humanity is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Even though it has been told over and over again, it has not lost its significance because of its relevance to the salvation of humankind.

Chapter 16 of the gospel of Mark has the account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The lesson focuses on the visit of Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Salome, and how they brought spices to anoint the body of Jesus, after the Sabbath was over. The centrality of the Gospel is the fact that God raised His Son, Jesus Christ from the dead. It is indeed the highest earthly manifestation of the glory of God. Despite the fact that Jesus had repeatedly told them He would rise again on the third day after His crucifixion, the disciples did not seem to understand how the resurrection would occur (Matthew 16:21). Nevertheless, the commitment of the women who went to the tomb for the purpose of anointing the body of Jesus is commendable. We may have heard of people who died and came back to life; the difference is that they died again. Therefore, the resurrection of Christ Jesus is the foundation and essence of the Christian faith because without it, we will be miserable.


[Mark 16:1-5]

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, as declared by an angel, is one of the mysteries in human history. After the Sabbath, very early in the morning, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome prepared some spices so that they may go and anoint (embalm) the body of Jesus, as it was their tradition (Luke 24:1). On their way to the tomb, according to verse 3, they discussed among themselves saying, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” The question was necessitated by the fact that after the burial of Jesus, Pilate made sure the tomb was as secure as possible by putting a seal on the stone and assigning some guards to keep watch over it (Matthew 27:65-66). However, despite the challenge of how to roll away the stone from the tomb, the women were resolute and they continued their journey. Interestingly, when they got to the tomb, the stone had been rolled away. To their amazement, as they entered the tomb, they saw a man dressed in white apparel sitting on the right side. The sight of the angelic being caused fear in the hearts of the women (v. 5).

The commitment of Mary Magdalene and the other women, as recorded in the passage is worthy of emulation. They did not mind the risk of going out in the early hours of the day. The Scripture says, “… while it was still dark.’ Their major concern was to gain access to the body of Jesus and anoint Him with spices. Moreover, they were not discouraged about how and who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb because of the seal and guards that were assigned by Pilate. Consequently, the women became living witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus, unlike the disciples who lost hope after the death and burial of their Master, and did not expect a continuation of the ministry. The faith and courage the women demonstrated gave them the opportunity to be the first to discover the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus. The lesson for believers is that taking bold steps of faith engenders miracle; we should not give up, even when there are hindrances to performing a noble task. As the women showed commitment to Jesus, even after His death, we are expected to be committed to the love we profess for Him so that we can discover more of Him.

1. What would have motivated the women to take the risk of going to the tomb where Jesus was buried, to anoint His body while it was still dark? Discuss.
2. The role of women in the ministry of Jesus suggests that women generally tend to be more committed to the cause of the Gospel. Discuss what women can do to improve their commitment to their com Jesus Christ.

[Mark 16:6-8]

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the central gospel truths without which no man can be saved (1 Corinthians 15:1-18, 20-26). Although the soldiers who guarded the tomb were bribed by the chief priests to say that Jesus’ body had been stolen by His disciples (Matthew 28:11-15); there are valid evidence to prove the reality of His resurrection. The empty tomb, the post-resurrection appearances, and many other pieces of evidence have proven beyond doubt that Jesus truly resurrected. In verse 6, the young man said to the women, “Do not be alarmed’, he said. ‘You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him.” Certainly, he knew that the women were afraid and quickly calmed their fears by telling them to go and tell His disciples, and specifically Peter that Jesus has risen and that He has gone ahead of them to Galilee, as He told them earlier (Matthew 26:32). It seems the women did not comprehend the message of the angel thus they left the tomb distressed and terrified. Without saying anything to one another, they set out to deliver the message of Jesus’ resurrection to the disciples.

The reality of the resurrection of Jesus is indisputable with its evidence. According to the account of Mark, the women saw the empty tomb, and Jesus appeared to His disciples on different occasions (Mark 16:12, 14) and also Mary Magdalene (from whom He had driven out seven demons). Unfortunately, some disciples did not believe the story, despite Jesus’ constant emphasis on His imminent death and resurrection. The women affirmed the resurrection of Jesus through the empty tomb. Despite the fact that the women did not see Jesus physically, they believed what the angel told them about His resurrection. Therefore, in response to the task of the Great Commission, believers are expected to spread the good news of the resurrection of Jesus to the world (Matthew 28:1-19). Above all, we should remember that the resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of the Christian faith and it guarantees our salvation, having believed in His crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

1. Discuss how Jesus’ death and resurrection have brought hope to the world.
2. How can you convince an unbeliever that Jesus truly resurrected?

Fellowship and Ministry Building Activity:
● Identify some unbelievers in your neighbourhood this Easter season, and take time to share the benefits of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection with them. Prayerfully lead such people to the faith.

Take Home: Write down three lessons you are taking home from today’s lesson?
● __________
● __________
● __________

● Based on today’s lesson, make a personal commitment to share the story of the resurrection of Jesus with other people, this season.

Happy Sunday in Advance.

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