NBC Sunday School Manual For October 17, 2021 :Topic – Give thanks for Deliverance

By | October 17, 2021

NBC Sunday School Manual For October 17, 2021 :Topic – Give thanks for Deliverance

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October 17, 2021


Devotional Reading: 

Background Scripture reading: Psalm 107

Lesson Scripture reading: Psalm 107:1-9, 39-43 

Golden Text: Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. Psalm 107:6  

By the end of the lesson, class members should be able to:

▪︎ List at least five (5) reasons they should give thanks to God;

▪︎ Discuss God’s loving kindness to the righteous;

▪︎ Renew their commitment to always give thanks to God for His mdnifold blessings.


Life is full of challenges. They come at different times and in different forms. However, our disposition during such periods go on long way to determine our level of faith and spiritual maturity. The challenges of insurgency especially in the northern part of Nigeria has left many people homeless, hopeless and frustrated. Many have become refugees in their own country with little or no core from the government. A group of Christians shared their experience when their village was besieged by Fulani herdsmen in the middle of the night. Many died ds d result of the dttdck, both young and old and d few who managed to survive the attack took refuge in a nearby camp for some months. According to the people, they suffered hunger, cold, poor medical core and other social fdcilities. Nevertheless, when they cried out to God, He answered their prayers and findlly they returned home. They remembered how the were defeated, humilidé molested dnd cheated. Even though they had lost some of their loved ones, they thanked the Lord who had deed them from their misery.

Our focus today is the song of praise in Psalm 107. It is Cl reminder of God’s fdithfulness in the nation’s history and in individual experiences as well. It is one of the psalms that express thankfulness to God by His people. The situdtions referred to in each of its word pictures could no doubt be attached to some specific events in the history of God’s people. The call is to thank God for saving them. They rejoiced and composed a song of gratitude to God for deliverance, for making their families increase like flocks while the wicked were made to be silent. However, the Israelites’ experiences are common and relevant for each of us, and all of us collectively, in all generations.


A. A Call to Praise God Psalm 107:1-9

The invitation to praise God for various reasons is synonymous with the psalmist. Psalm 107 was composed to be sung by different groups during the Jewish festival of faith in praise of God’s deliverance. In verse 2, the people were admonished to praise God specifically for two reasons: because they had been rescued from their enemies and brought from foreign countries where they had been scattered. Of course, life in exile was horrible because the people could not find their way to a city to live. They suffered hunger, became thirsty and gave up hope of survival. Interestingly, they soon realised there is a God who can save. They cried to Him and He delivered them from their troubles. Besides, He led them to a city of their own where they could settle

with steady supply of food and water. Similarly, God delivered the Israelites from the hands of their slave masters in Egypt and led them to the Promised Land. Based on this favour, the people were encouraged to respond in thanksgiving to God (v. 8). After all, God possesses the ability to satisfy those who are thirsty and supply the hungry with good things.

The invitation to praise God, as seen in the passage, is also applicable to contemporary Christians. Those in Christ  have been redeemed  spiritually and eternally from  the bondage of sin, self, a  Satan through the blood of Christ. We should dppreciate God for our daily provision, protection, and deliverance from enemies, sioknesses and diseases. He also delivers us from poverty, shame and from oppressors, especially those who are against the spread of the Gospel. Giving thanks to God can be done from a pure heart through songs, meditation, praying, giving sacrificially and dancing. Unfortunately, today, many Christians take the grace of God for granted and boost of their achievements as if it is by their own power.

Discussion Time 1

1. Discuss other ways believers can respond to God’s love and deliverance.

2. What kind of people does God help? Are you qualified?

B. God’s Great Deliverance Psalm 107:39-43

The point in verses 39-42 is that the self-sufficient, who think they are competent, are really deficient because God opposes to the proud. But those who know that they are insufficient in themselves and thereby call out to the Lord are sufficient because God gives grace to the humble. We must come to the end of ourselves to experience God’s grace and love. The people whom the Lord has blessed with fields, home, and family (W. 35-38) are not dependable. In their prosperity they may exalt themselves. But with time, God’s judgment will find them out. The people may suffer from “oppression, calamity, and sorrow”. However, the righteous will become wise by studying the acts of the Lord in the affairs of humans. Even in adversity, they learn to know their God better and trust that God will make all

things well; that is what it means to be wise and heed the Word of God (v. 43; Hosea 14:9). Yes, God shows His love and mercy to the disobedient who repent and call on His name, but our Father would rather share that love with obedient children who would enjoy it more.

The summary of the lesson is God’s loving kindness to His people. The love of God is constant. Even though it seems the people of Israel have been defeated, humiliated and forgotten, God knew their troubles and afflictions. He promised to deliver them from their misery, increase and make them prosperous but silent the wicked and make them inactive. The lesson should serve as a reminder to Christians of the inevitability of troubles in the journey of faith. However, God knows our troubles and He is able to deliver us from the hands of our enemies. When this is done, we should show gratitude to God for His provision and grace.

Discussion Time 2

1. Discuss the fate of a rebellious person. How can they be delivered?

2. Discuss the implication of verse 43 for believers.

Fellowship and Ministry Building Activity

▪︎ Let each class members write at least ten things they are thankful for since the beginning of the year

▪︎ They should compose a song of praise to God for His blessings.

Take Home

▪︎ It is good to give thanks to God for His manifold blessings.

▪︎ God knows our troubles and afflictions. He has promised to save us.

▪︎ The enemies cannot defeat us because we have a God who fights all our battles.

▪︎ Christians should not give up hope because God has promised to save us

▪︎ All peoples should give thanks to God for His unfailing love.

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