C.A.C Living Water Devotional For January 4, 2024 : Topic – Why You Should Not Flatter

By | January 4, 2024

C.A.C Living Water Devotional For January 4, 2024 : Topic – Why You Should Not Flatter

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THE LIVING WATER (January-December, 2024)


DATE : Thursday, January 4, 2024 (World Braille & World Hypnotism Day)


MEMORISE : He who speaks flattery to his friends, even the eyes of his children will fail (Job 17:5).

READ: Job 17:1-5

[1]. “My spirit is broken, My days are extinguished, The grave is ready for me.

[2]. Are not mockers with me? And does not my eye dwell on their provocation?

[3]. “Now put down a pledge for me with Yourself. Who is he who will shake hands with me?

[4]. For You have hidden their heart from understanding; Therefore You will not exalt them.

[5]. He who speaks flattery to his friends, Even the eyes of his children will fail.


Flattery reveals mediocrity. Flatterers are deceivers who prefer to speak the opposite of reality, the harm it may cause, notwithstanding. Victims of flattery are misled and have a distorted view of the truth. So many leaders fall prey to flattery, especially when they lack sincere persons around them. People who are uncomfortable with the truth often surround themselves with liars. Are you a sincere person, or a flatterer? Do you value honesty, or cherish deceit? The Bible is clear that flattery leads to ruin. If you are insincere, you are not a friend of God. Flatterers are betrayers, like Judas Iscariot, who never benefitted from betraying his Master. Those who flatter you aren’t your friends; they don’t truly care for you and are only interested in what they can gain from you. On the other hand, it is important to understand that like attracts like. You will attract people who are similar to you. Surround yourself with individuals who can provide an accurate assessment of situations, not those who will lie to you. Ahithophel’s counsel failed because he was a betrayer who supported Absalom for personal gain. He took side with the rebellious son against his father, instead of advising against such a heinous act. Be warned on this World Braille and World Hypnotism Day that, God doesn’t and won’t favour flatterers. In fact, the penalties of their actions will affect their children (Job 17:5). Be cautious!

CAC GHB: 188

1. Sinners, turn, why will ye die?
God, your Maker, asks you why:
God, who did your being give
Made you with Himself to live,
He the fatal cause demands,
Asks the work of His own hands;
Why, ye thankless creatures, why
Will you cross His love, and die?

2. Sinners, turn, why will ye die?
God, your Saviour, asks you why
God, who did your souls retrieve,
Died Himself, that you might live;
Will you let Him die in vain?
Crucify your Lord again?
Why ye ransom’d sinners, why
Will you slight His grace, and die?

3. Sinners, turn; why will ye die?
God, the Spirit, asks you why
He who all your lives hath strove,
Wooed you to embrace His love
Will you not His grace receive?
Will you still refuse to live?
Why, ye long-sought sinners, why
Will you grieve your God, and die?

4. Can you doubt if God is love,
If to all His yearnings move?
Will you not His word receive
Will you not His oath believe?
See, your dying Lord appears!
Jesus weeps believe His tears!
Mingled with His blood they cry
“Why will you resolve to die?”



1. Lord Jesus, I refuse to be a deceiver. Help me to always be truthful in whatever situation I find myself.

2. By my actions, inactions and reactions, I will not bring shame to Your holy name and leave behind evil consequence for my children, in Jesus’ name.

3. Pray for CAC General Secretariat Anlugbua, Bashorun, Ibadan, and the staff as led by God’s Spirit.

Genesis 10, 11, 12

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